Friday, February 16, 2007

A day off!

*yawns and stretches languidly*

It's very luxurious, and I'll stop showing off.. but I have today off work! Yippeee!! It's not quite so luxurious as you may be imagining, as I've mainly been locked in a full-scale hardcore cleaning frenzy with skoota to prepare for a rent inspection coming up. There's not that much to be done, but always more than you think once you start looking into it! So as much as I would've loved to have plentiful knitting time yesterday and today... I've mainly been scrubbing tiles, mopping floors and cleaning windows amongst other thrilling occupations! But today I WILL cram some knitting in - I simply must!

There will be MUCH knitting time ahead this weekend however, as we're going down south - hooorraaayyy! I mentioned it last post but didn't elaborate - we're going down south with my lovely huggable Daddio to stay with my Grandparents down there while they're on holiday. It'll not only be a lovely opportunity to spend time with Gran & Pa, but a faaaabulous time to get out of the city and spend some time on HOLIDAY!!

OOOHHH!!! It's just started POURING with rain outside! Sounds gorgeous! I raced out to smell the rainy smells, and feel the cool rush of wind - so delish!
Tried to capture on photo but didn't come out very distinctly - nevermind :)

Ohmigosh.. I'm sitting here in realtive silence apart from the sound of rain outside.. and I hear this "chitch"... "chitch".... "chitch"... I look over to the fireplace to see if it's a little cicada or some critter who's come inside - no... can't see anything. Hop up and walk closer, listening carefully.. "chitch"... "chitch".. Hmmm.. move aside the large photo of Skoot's late doggalog - nothing... then "chitch!" - It's water dripping from the CEILING!!!
yucky roof!
It's looked skanky like that since I moved in w skoota here, but I've never seen it DRIP! Shows the kind of place it is, really, and how much we really don't need to put too much energy into preparing for the inspection! You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...

No way! So much excitement is happening AS I'm actually typing out this post!! No sooner had I finished the dot dot dot above, than I heard a car door outside, footsteps, and met a delivery lady at the door with the package from Wendy of Dame Candle Company!!
dame package
How bizarre!! Am super excited and will tear the package open and begin 'reviewing' *sits up straighter and puts on haughty professor expression* right now! The rest of the post re: knitting can wait!! hehe!

p.s. ANOTHER excitement has occurred! I have signed up for Secret Pal 10!! Wheee! I've never done a Secret Pal Session before but have seen it looks like SO much fun spoiling and be spoiled I couldn't resist! :)

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Yay it got there! :)