Friday, February 23, 2007

Homing away from home

I'm house/kitty-sitting for a friend of mine for the next week or so, and won't have access to the internet except for when I'm back home. This is a good and a bad thing, as I won't be able to post as much, or check out all the lovely things online etc.., but it means I'll spend a lot more time actually knitting!! The house is super cute and has a snuggly little kitty-kato who has deigned to cuddle with me :) Very nice and takes the edge off living on my own for the first time!

In preparation for so much knitting time I went to Calico & Ivy the other day to buy some yarn and needles for knitting some little bitty beanies for a friend of mine who's expecting next week or so. I plan on making a little beanie for her newborn-to-be, and one for her little boy who's about 4 :) I think it'd be nice to make something for her and her hubby too, since the parents always seem to miss out in the baby gift giving saga, when really they're the ones who need the most pampering!! I have a design idea in my head for how I'll knit them and what I want them to turn out like, so it'll be fun to see what it turns out like!
I chose super-wash Heirloom yarn, pure wool - nice and snuggly warm, but washer and time friendly as it won't felt!
new needles!
I also got a set of 5 DPNs 4mm in size, and a super teeny short set of 4mm addi circs - for total beanie making power!!

The real estate saga has simmered down to a dull crankiness and we're still looking for someone else to move on to. I mean... *shakes head and gets off subject before becomes indignant again*

A lovely friend at work gifted me these tasty tangy dried cranberries for helping her out - yum yum!!
And I lunched beneath this gooooorgeous fig tree near work the other day when everything felt a bit much re: the stinky real estators- a truly stress-relieving experience!
fig tree
So all in all things are content and lovely once again :) We spent the day today working hard on fixing the clutch on one of the cars so we're having a well earned relax before heading out to yummy dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant! Mmmmmm!

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