Sunday, February 25, 2007

knitalicious relaxation

*nice long contented sigh* ahhhhhhhhh :)

After yesterday's frustrations, heat and hard work it was so so nice to indulge in a purely relaxing and quiet evening :) Skoot and I did head out for a super delish meal with his mum and sister, which was really nice - an filling! But the best bit of all was after we left, and I went back to the little kitty dwelling and was able to totally veg out and relax to my knitterly heart's content! I can certainly relax at home too, so it's not a difference in freedom or personal space that I'm noticing, but I'm really enjoying spending some time truly on my own in a house, as I've never lived on my own before. It's nice to sit there, doing exactly what you feel like doing without any external influence on your choices. Not a bad influence, but for example at home I'll often put aside any knitting or reading to watch a moofie or something with skoota - both equally enjoyable, but often I don't get any of my knittingy stuff done as much as I could because I'm distracted by the Scrumptious!

Speaking of knitting I've been tonking along on the little mini bubbie beanie and have finished the stockingette rim
little orange bubba beanie
I wanted it to curl up on itself, so have finished a few rows of stockingette and done one row of garter so it'll curb the curl now as I change on to the yellow yarn :)

I picked up two books the other day that I've been wanting for a goodly time now! They are so intriguing I couldn't wait to get reading!! They're both by Maggie Sefton, two of a series of murder Mystery novels set around a knitting store! How brilliant is that!?!
MAggie Sefton books
The bookstore had two in stock, the first book 'Knit One, Kill Two' and another, 'Needled To Death'. I'm about halfway through the first one and I'm loving it! I've been curled up on the couch with the cuddley kitty-kato completely absorbed in this fabulous book!! I really do recommend them, particularly as they're not as exie as I had expected them to be - which was a lovely surprise :)

Righto! We're off to do some grocery shopping! Soon the cupboard will no longer be bare!

p.s. A snapshot of the aforementioned "frustration, heat and hard work"!
It really is good fun, I do enjoy it - but not under a time constraint. It's fun when there's no pressure to get the car going, because then if one single bolt decides to be a b@stard and take an hour and a half to get out you can walk away and chill out for a bit!!

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