Saturday, February 03, 2007

Toe up progess is up!

After many days - months even! - of distraction and diversion from my lovely spring coloured sock knitting... I've turned the heel!! Woohoo! I'm so SO excited about it! Seeing Yin knit up her first toe up has enthused me so much and filled me with inspiration to get stuck back into my sockies! I took the needles out today and strung some yarn through to try the sockie on - and it's fabulous!
sockie heel!
I still have a few gifties and things to knit up, but I'm definately carrying my liddle sockie around with me to knitta away at some lovely little stitches here and there :)


bink said...

Your sock looks lovely :)

How long until you start on some knee-high Gryffindor-colours striped socks?? :)

pinky-yin said...

Woppidoooo!! Go Girl!
i was going to start on the right feet.. but guess what.. i forgot how to cast on!! hahahaha....