Friday, February 02, 2007

Knitting Knoggin!

I have SO much knitting on my knoggin! I mean.. noggin.. You know it's bad when you start adding 'k's' to words that start with 'n'!! But before I can update about knitterly thoughts and cravings, I must update on the Australia Day weekend - must keep these things in order people!!

So last weekend was the long weekend, which skoot and I made even longer by knocking off early on Thursday and heading out bush to Boddington and Dwellingup! Our plan was to stay for a good few nights, dreamily lazing about and swimming in the rivers... but it was PACKED!! I don't know how we managed to over look the fact that every man and his dog would be out and about that long weekend!! So Friday morning we packed up quick-smart and headed back to Perth! We did get to enjoy the stunning surrounds though, I sat knitting a little strip of wool to make into a stubby holder for skoot (close up shot of stitches was in last post) gazing up at the fluttering leaves of the gum trees surrounding us, and of course we slept in the swag under the stars - lovely lovely! I discovered a FABULOUS knitting accessory, one not normally associated with knitting..

The Camp Chair!!!

Camp knittin

hehehe, see how well the little ball of yarn fits in the drink holder?! PERFECT! I sat there knitting away and not once did my ball of yarn roll off into the dirt, get prickles on it or anything! It was fabulous!

So over the rest of the weekend I finished knitting it up and am now sewing it onto a stubby holder - I wanted the extra insulation of the stubby holder as well as the wool.

And while we're on the stubby-holder-wool topic...
Comment from Michelle :)
"wow...that wool is really colourful!! did you dye that yourself??

The answer to which is.. yes.. and no...!! It's shop bought white yarn (100% wool - anon. brand from Spotlight) which had been dyed with food colouring my THE SHVEETUM!! Yay!! *crowd roars* A saga I have been meaning to tell for some time... I shall post about it in a separate title to this - But isn't it FABULOUS!!! Skoot's a scientifically minded chap, so he used three colorus of dye, and created the MASTERPIECE you see before you!! He's so clever :) But then I'm biased..

Camp knittin 2

The Saturday I went to a gorgeous movie with my gorgeous Mama - Miss Potter. We so enjoyed it, and it has given us the motivation we needed to get started on our plan of writing children's books together - something we've been thinking of and talking of for a while - how exciting!!!

Saturday was a monster massive clean up mission of the house - badly needed since the Christmas shamozzle, Halloween B'day caboozle and general disorganisation!! Unfortunately La Nestie was the one room that missed out on the clean up! Gah!!! But I did some on it yesterday so gradually I am reclaiming my lovely den from the MESS!

Sunday we'd planned to go for a fang on our jazzy bikes with lovely Dad, which I was particularly excited about as I've ridden pillion with Dad a lot and was so keen to ride together on our own bikes - zooming about the wilderness - wheee!! But the day dawned a 41.5 degree celcius day (MENTAL!!!) so we opted for having some lunch inside with air-con instead!!

In other news - before I go on to the next catch up post! - I zapped over to Spotlight the other day in my lunch break to pick up some yarn I needed to finish skoota's scarf (I know I posted before that I was done and only needed to stitch the two lengths together.. WRONG! I had done the wrong number of squares on one length! Gah! Then discovered I was out of yarn! Then bought the wrong ply yarn!! So now I've finially got it right! I hope...) and the shelves were EMPTY!!! *crowd gasps* well... almost empty.. and it CHAOTIC! The store's relocating so they were having a %50 off everythig sale (yeehar!!), hence managed to pick up not only the ball of 100% wool red Cleckheaton (LAST one in the store! All alone on the top-most almost-unreachable shelf!) and two gorgeous calligraphy pens for a total of $7!! Whhee! :)

Spotlight goodies

I didn't get to do the beanie I was hoping to knit up for Skoot over the weekend - though the multiple balls of 8ply red and black wool I bought THINKING it was right for the scarf will be great to do the beanie in, but when I knit it with a strand of red and black together it becomes so chunky I need 10mm needles to knit it up! I've got a pair of 10mm Addi bamboo's (sutnning lovely smooth and delicious!) but too long to do a beanie, and nowhere I tried had them in stock. Plus... when I get to the crown I'll need 10mm double points!! And that's just mental! Must rethink the design and see what I come up with :)


2paw said...

Very nice dyeing indeed and I love the camp chair knitting accessory, very cool!! What lucky bargains, you were in the right spot at the right time!!

Helen said...

Very cool! I always sit and knit in our camp chair when we take the boys to the beach or playgroud, so I can sit and knit while watching them with my yarn on my lap. I was never game to put it into the drink holder incase the boys grabbed it, but aftering seeing how well it works I'll have to give it a go next time.
Enjoy your weekend!