Thursday, February 08, 2007

Very Lucky Drum-Cardologist!

I have returned, laden with fibre-related goodies!! Wheee!!

The lady selling the drum-carder was SUCH a lovely and generous person, not only did she sell me the fabulous drum-carder at an extremely reasonable price, she also gave me other goodies and wouldn't accept any more money from me no matter how hard I tried!! I am SO stoked to have my very own drumcarder *big wide grin* I've been looking at them on ebay for a while but YIKES expensive!! So then I thought I'd hire one from the Spinning GUild.. but now I have my owwwwnn!! :) He (the drumcarder - he's clearly a 'he' though for now remains nameless) is an Ertoel, and I think it's the Kate, the larger of the two models. A lovely dark finished wood, and all pieces intact.
Very good condition despite coming to me third hand! I love it! I LOVE IT!! I'm really looking forward to having a go on it with some of the Corriedale I have from the Royal show still!

The other items she generously gifted me were a book on hand spinning, a swift (which is fantastic as I've been wanting one but have been a bit put off by prices)
Swift and book
and... drum(carder)roll....
A funky super duper retro style BALL WINDER!!!

How amazingly awesome is it all?!!!! I'm so so thrilled to bits; it is a little adventure that has brightened my somewhat low day today, which is very nice :) As I'm off home today (I went into work but found it all too much so came home I'd been tempted to not go in at all, which would have been wiser given the long drive, but nevermind!) I think I'll treat myself to a little nap before skoota gets home :)

Hope all's fiber-y and knitterly with the world elsewhere too :)

p.s. now I think of it Maybe Ertoel should be an Ethel... will have to see how he (she?) Cards to decide on a name and i guess from that.. gender!


Helen said...

What wonderful looking machines, which I'm sure will bring you loads of fibre joy. Happy carding.

bink said...

Woo, looking forward to a demonstration soon :):)

(Are we still on for Sunday? I think you check your blog more often than your email lately, so... *grin*)