Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yesterday was the W.A Handspinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild AGM, so I packed my knitting, my wheel, my fibre and myself into the ute and off we went! It's always lovely to catch up with all the wise, crafty and spirited ladies who frequent the guild, but also being in such a supportive creative environment fuels the motivation and creative spirit no end!

I was keen to put my hand up for one of the many Guild roles being filled during the meeting (secretary, treasurer, librarian etc..) and was encouraged by the ladies, but as much as I am eager to get involved in the knitty (hehe) gritty of it I simply .don't know my schedule this year in terms of free time and when I'll be in Perth, Fly-In-Fly-Out etc.. - so I'm far too unreliable to commit to anything like the Guild Committee at the moment :( But they assured me that the positions change each year so I can have a go next time! :)

I've been hiring a spinning wheel from the guild since I joined late last year, and decided it was well and truly time to swap over and try a different type of wheel. I wanted to try as many as possible before I committed to buying one. I really want to be an educated purchaser and get exactly the right wheel for me! So I took in the lovely little Ashford Traveller -somewhat sadly as I've become quite attached to the little lovely! - and swapped it for....

An Ashford traditional!
ashford traditional
It's significantly larger than the traveller, and from the mini-spin I've had on it, it has a slower, more weighty spin - less treadles for such power. I really enjoyed the traveller, and it will have to be a pretty magnificent wheel to out-do it, but I'm determined to be fair and try all sorts before I buy :)

I also spent some time perusing the shelves of the Guild library. Members can borrow books or magazines for 20c each - brilliant! I picked up a copy of Spin To Knit - which I've borrowed from Helen before but wanted another re-read! The FANTASTIC Twisted Sisters Sock Book - a book I've heard so many good things about and now I know why! Definitely on my wish list! And for help with my up-coming lace projects Ruth recommended the Interweave issue with the Lace Primer, so I picked that up too :) So I've got some busy times ahead!
library books
I'm also super keen to try some more dye-ing. I still have one skein of the white wool skoot and I dyed last time, but I also have all that gorgeous undyed merino tops.. mmmm.... Which reminds me, i MUST write up the post about the Sash'n'Skoot Dye Adventures!

I've been LOVING the ballwinder, winding anything I can get my hands on - even commercial yarns already wound into balls!
woolly windings!
I'm still an old-fashioned romantic at heart, and love the aesthetic of a hand-wound ball of yarn - but the waffley look of the ball-winder-wound balls is fun too :)
cotton wound
Anchor cotton - yummy colours :)

So now I'm off to do some spinning until my lovely huggable mate Bink arrives for a day of fun, crafting, Hugh Jackman moofies and heart-to-hearts! :)

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