Saturday, March 24, 2007

A bit of country air

We've packed our bags and hit the road! Off to Albany for a longish weekend (both taken a day off work - whee!) to help a mate of skoot's get his boat ready to sail over to Tassie - Yikes! From Albany to Tasmania he'll have to sail across the bite (hehe) at the bottom of Australia which is pretty much like driving across the nullabor but even more so - you need to take MORE fuel than you'll need, more water than you'll need and be prepared!! Although Skoot's working diligently away at the moment while I sit at this bookstore 'net spot and post (now that's blog commitment!!) it's really good, as always, to get outta the city for a while and enjoy the country scenery - and Skoota'll be freed from his duties soon so then the real holiday'll start!

I swatched with the Silk Road Ultra on the way down and last night sitting in the boat before bed, and it is GORGEOUS!!! It is simply stunning - such lovely stitch definition, and feels glorious to knit with - imagine wearing it!!

I've taken clapotis with me too to cast on and see how I go =) Rather excited about that - might have to find a nice cafe somewhere with a view and sit for an hour or so knit knit knittin! But for now I'm off up the street to find the knitting store! Yay! I've checked out the sizeable craft store here already, and they had quite a large range of the standard sort of things - nothing tempting though. So we'll see what the specific Knit Store can offer!! It's a good thing if there's nothing to tempt me though - we're saving the dosh quite nicely at the moment, and I don't want to spoil our run!!

Pictures when I get home and upload =)

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