Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bootiful Birfday Beanie!!

Yipeee!! *jumps about with joy and glee*
The hand-dyed, hand-spun, hand knit birthday beanie is completed!!
meathead beanie

Skoot is absolutely thrilled to bits with it and hasn't taken it off yet - even though it's not really that chilly yet! He was especially touched that it's the first item I've ever knit up out of my own handspun. =) And I'm especially excited by that too! It turned out better than I could've imagined *beams*

I swatched with about 4 different needles, and with the yarn doubled or single stranded, and finally decided on size 6 1/2mm straights (in red no less!!) single stranded. I had to alter the Meathead Hat pattern as my gauge was different, but with a little bit of maths I got it sorted and off I went!

A very quick knit, and super fun =D I'm a particular fan of the little tiny peak at the top - it looks like a gumnut hat SnugglePot and CuddlePie would wear!!

[Snugglepot and Cuddlepie - May Gibbs' fabulous gumnut babies]
As I was seaming it up I realised there's no reason it can't be a reversable beanie.. so I left two little tassley bits on the top of the purl side - tada!!! (hehhe me at my most attractive!)
meathead beanie purlwise
Turns out I even have some yarn left over! So I'm planning some co-ordinated mitts, or maybe another scarf... There's not enough handspun lft to do a full scarf, or mitts, but I'll use it as the accent at the cuffs or ends *schemes a plan*


bink said...

It looks fantastic!!

The colours work reallly well :)

pinky-yin said...

OOO... nice and cute! need to knit one of these for my DH too... winter is coming and he needs a new beanie :)