Wednesday, March 14, 2007


That's the word 'excitements' in noun form - as in "There were many little excitements nestled in the knitting basket" meaning many items which cause excitement and glee-like emotion
Firstly.. The new Knitty is up! Wheee! It's the spring issue and has MANY excitements amongst its digital pages!
My personal faves include Dashing, the "guy-friendly version of Fetching".
dashing mitts
The Fetching mitts would have to be one of the most celebrated and quickly knit items in online knit-o-sphere! And I myself am indeed planning to knit up a few pairs! So it's awesome to have a less curly wurly elaborate "guy-friendly" version too!

I also liked the look of the sleeveless ultra feminine top Isabella
isabella shirt
I love lace patterns like this that look leafy or flowery - ones that remind me of a vintage, ancient secret garden *imagination carries self away* I imagine it knit in a nice cool cotton or some such for summer.. Mmmmmm :)

and of course the cover shot - bmp the space invader fair isle socks! Brilliant! I might use that pattern to make something like a bag or a beanie or some such rather than socks - very flash! Very impressive in sock form though I must say, with the stripey heel and so on.. go have a look!

Right! That's enough traipsing over! On to the other excitements!!

As mentioned before, the library knittin' was as always, barrels of fun. Lots of sharing of stories, hot tips, examining other people's knitted or being-knitted or soon-to-be-knitted items! I took along my wheel and sure enough it was a MEGA source of interest and intrigue! I explained the process to everyone and some people even had a shot! I arrived there a little early so was able to get started on finishing up the redblackwhite for skoot's pressie - but hadn't finished it in time so continued to spin it up when everyone had arrived. Consequently there were people quite anxious to have a go before they went home and I kept having to quell my nerves and calm myself down so I didn't feed a rushed sort of feeling into the fiber I was spinning up! It'd be terrible to give a gift full of that urgency feeling! But soon enough I'd spun it all up and was able to change bobbin for them all to have a shot! I directed them on how to draft the fiber, allow the twist to travel up the fiber in their pinched fingers, and feed it into the wheel and they all seemed to enjoy having a go! I must say it was a bit of a shock to see how difficult it was, as now I've been spinning for a few months it feels so easy!! I've forgotten the times of frustration and un-coordination!

I made sure I had time, however, to have a chat with Helen about all her recent delicious acquisitions!! She's part of the Socks the Rock Sock Club (am I envious or WHAT?!) and received a delish delish delish pack in the mail yesterday! So so cute - I'll definitely be signing upnext time they do a sock club - expense be damned!! She has some Cherry-Tree Hill yarn, tofutsies and other new delights she and Anne have ordered for Knitting Inspirations (and themselves!) too!

I was super tempted by the jungle colourway of the Lorna's Laces (such lovely solid purple and greens) she had in stock amongst the other brightly coloured Lorna's and Knittery yarns.. but I find it too hard to get past that keystone pricing dilemma.. I refuse to support companies that are unethical. I did make a purchase however *wicked grin* And I feel it's better than the Lorna's and MUCH more economic and fun too!
birthday opal sock yarn
Et voila!!! Some fantasteric Opal sock yarn! 75% wool 25% polymide and SO super squidgy and yum! I decided *shhhhh! - looks around to make sure it's safe* to make some socks for skoot's birthday too!! =D Of course they'll be belated, but he will LOVE to get a pair of hand-knit socks! The wool is perfectly his colours - earthy and variegated - lovely!! I might try something like the Jaywalker pattern or some such :)


bink said...

Nothing complements a picture of a knitted item like a spiky fish!


Ann said...

The Jaywalker is a good choice - I have started knitting it with the Lorna Laces & toe-up, of course. Check out the toe-up pattern on