Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Super-Kelli-Most-Delicious Podcast!

(spoken in rhythm of Mary Poppin's "supercalifragilistic" expialidocious!)
The last few days I've been listening to one of the newer fiber podcasts out there - one I've only just discovered - UNWOUND - and it's FANTASTIC!!

I'm becoming addicted, much like the days of my discovery of Cast On - I'm a glutton, feasting on the back episodes, two per day!! Soon I'll be up to date, sad and forlorn that I have to wait for an update each week! hehe

unwound button

Kelli lives in Alabama and produces this excellent podcast on a weekly basis. It covers knitting, crochet, book and fiber reviews, hot tips and other such juicy tid bits! I highly recommend you have a listen to this fabulous addition to the fiber podcast world!

Right, now back to work - Knittin group last night was fabbo as usual - but no time now to post about it - I want to get away early today so I need to keep my nose down and tail up!

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