Monday, March 12, 2007

The red, black and white post!

Ta da!! =D
hehehe the boy's borthday fluff has been dyed and dried and I'm SO glad I re-did! I'm thrilled with how it's turned out!
*huge grin*

birthday ball of dyed fluff!

I compacted it all into a lovely manageable (and super fun to peg at each other!) ball o' fluff last night, and started peeling off layers to spin with. Look how yummy, soft and RICH it looks when I draft it apart a bit before spinning!!

birthday fluff colours

I'm trying to spin it uber thick, as the pattern I'm using *wink wink* requires a chunky/bulky wool. I figure if I spin it up nice and thick, then ply it it'll turn out a suitable thickness. It's really fun spinning thick yarn actually - as normally I spin a much finer style. But it's just the ticket because skoot's been particularly hankering after something made from "tow-rope" hehehee! That was how he described his first go at spinning when I brought the wheel home for the first time and we both had a go - he didn't really draft the fibers apart before he fed it through and allowed the spin to twist the fibers, so it ended up SUPER MONDO chunky!!

birthday fluff spin up!

So it's been fun trying something a little different, and especially fun spinning up my own hand-dyed for the first time ever!! *almost maniacal excited glint in eyes*

p.s. you can see some little coils I've put in the yarn too - like little springs!
p.p.s YAY!!

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pinky-yin said...

nice....drool....have u found a patt to knit with it yet?