Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Would you like flecks with that?

When it comes to delicious Donegal Tweed by Tahki Stacey Charles... yes I would!!

tweed lime

Although I haven't seen the yarn in prson yet I am SO excited about it! I've ordered 11 skeins of the lime colourway 803 - funded by my lovely Mama, who is purchasing me enough yarn for a jumper for my birthday! It's taken us a while to first of all decide on the colour and yarn - an easy choice really as the one pictured in the magazine and pattern is FANTASTIC and in my fave colour too which doesn't hurt! Plus then we had to hunt around for a store that would not only ship to Oz, but is affordable and had 11 skeins in stock!

tweed skein lime

We found oooonnnnee!! hehehe! I'ved ordered from Webs
www.yarn.com so I'm hoping it'll be sorted and shipped out quite promptly as they seem to be quite a competent and large yarn store.

As mentioned on a previous post the jumper I've decided to knit up with this delicious green foresty yarn is the Central
Park Hoodie from Knitscene! Yay! It'll be my first "real" garment so I'm very excited!!

Central Park Hoodie

But I mustn't get too far ahead of myself - I have other projects I'm thoroughly enjoying at the moment too - and MUST finish!! I've done some more spinning of the red-black-white merino which is turning out faaabulously, I'm so exicted and thrilled with it! I'll be taking my spinning wheel to Library knittin tonight to finish a second bobbin so I can ply it up when I get home. I'm sure all the knitters there will love to see the wheel too and have a go spinning even! I've brought along some undyed merino tops too - super soft and dreamy - for anyone who wants to have
a fang! I'm hoping I can get it all spun up tonight, ply it when I get home so skoot can see it being plied together, then that gives me a few mor days to knit it up! Yin commented kindly on the fiber/yarn and said "nice....drool....have u found a pattern to knit with it yet?" - Thankyou Yin!! =D And yes, I do know what I'm knitting it up into.. but just in case skoota checks out the blog before his birthday I can't say.. but I'll give a little clue - it's a warm accessory garment. :)

Yesterday in my lunch break I dipped my toes in the other project I have going at the moment. Or.. almost have going! The Swallowtail Shawl from Interweave knits!


This is a picture of a gorgeous completed Swallowtail done by Trish from the SwallowTail Knit Along blog.. well one of the two KAL blogs!
I haven't knit lace before, and one of the hot tips I was given my a vetaran lacer was to have a go at the lace pattern with 8 ply or other large wool first on larger needles, so I can get an idea of the pattern and charts before I hit the teeny tiny gear! So I had a shot at it in my lunch break and booyyy is Yin right or what! She said doing up her (extremely impressive and inspiring!!) Flower Basket shawl (also her first lace project!) that she had to have COMPLETE concentration! No tv, no radio, no talking - nothing!! And I see what she means! I only went a few rows before realised I'd been purling where I should've been knitting and vice versa - as the pattern is Right Side/ Wrong Side specific - argh! hehe nevermind! So I'll be casting on for that soon! I plan to wind up one skein of sea silk tonight then lend my ball winder and swift to Helen for all her fabulous sock yarn acquisitions! I'm really looking forward to lace knitting - and it'll be super special fun as Yin, Helen, Ann and I (maybe even Michelle..?? *pokes Michelle w knitting needle*) are all going to knit the Swallow tail at the same time! yay! Our very own little knit-along! Whee! =D

Alright! Just about time for some dinner then off to the library! Planning to get there early to get some spinning done before the group lands there - from what I've seen on Helen's blog she's got loads of gorgeous yarns to fondle, books to look at and stories to share with each other so I wanna be free to do some of that too! Plus I'll need to change bobbin for when anyone wants to have a shot at it so that'll make it easier if I've finished or almost done all of skoota's :)

p.s. Over one THOUSAND individual IP addresses (so individual computers) have visited my blog! Oh my goodness!! That's so hard to get myhead around that 1000 people have potentially checked out ma blawg!


2paw said...

Oh I so love the Donegal Tweed in all it's green goodness. Good luck with the shawl!!

Michelle said...

ouch...i got poked with knitting needles?? when does this KAL officialy starts anyway?? i havent even got any yarns for it yet!! are you starting it out with 8 ply yarn for the shawl???

and i so love that donegal tweed yarn!! i've always wanted to knit the CPH but i've got so many projects at the moment!! how much is the postage for that yarn anyway??