Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saturday Magic

Wow - what a fabulous Saturday!!
Delicious luxurious time spent at home with skoota, then into the City for Citiknits knitting group! Always so so much fun fun at the knitting group :) A fantastic group of knitters - I love them to bits! It was particularly special and fun as Helen gifted me with a fibery treat completely unexpectedly!! Absolutely gorgeous colours - so vibrant and electric! Helen is such a generous and thoughtful woman, she never ceases to surprise and delight me with how much she gives (not just fibery treats but support, encouragement and advice too!!) to us all and how thoroughly I enjoy chatting with her and divulging all of our knitterly desires and excitements :) Thank-you so so much Helen, you're a gem :) *hug*
Picture sashcam 301
I also picked up the Interweave knits Spring 07 mag which I've been hunting for a while - before it was even on shelves - oops! I really must subscribe to save money - seeing as I do buy it every time anyway! I was deliberating over whether to purchase it or not, my rule being there has to be one "OH MY GOODNESS!" pattern or two "oohh that's nice" patterns for me to purchase a knitting magazine. I learnt this from my earlier times as a much newer knitter when ANYTHING knitting was a must-have - and many magazines now lie by the wayside, completely unuseful and undesired! Think of how much money that equates to and how much YARN that could have been!!! hehe So in this issue I was intrigued by the Bonsai pattern which I think looks lovely (and of course it's in green so that grabs me immediately!!)
interweave spring 07 bonsai 2
But the clincher was the Dollar and a Half cardigan...
interweave spring 07 dollar
HOW FABULOUS!! I love the stripes and would be happy enough were it simply all stripes, but nooo it's even more fantabulous with the different patterned side!! Adore adore ADORE!! Another project to add to my ever growing list!!

So home from knitting group I rushed so we could get our things together and zoom off to meet my lovely Papa for dinner before we went to THE CIRCUS!! Wheee!!
Picture sashcam 296
We were running just on time, we would have arrived there on the dot of 6pm to meet Dad... then when we were almost in the city I remembered...


Noooooo!! You can imagine my utter frustrations when I realised the ticktes were still sitting safe and sound in my musical box waaaaayyy back at home. It'd be a good 50min round trip to fetch them - bye bye dinner! So we managed to make very good time in getting them and had a quick sit and drink w Dad, then the three of us strolled across town to get to the BIG TOP!

I've always been a circussy gal - went to circus school as a kid and even now as an adult I love fire twirling and other such circussy past-times. So I was super keen and super excited to see the Circus Oz show. And my goodness, they didn't disappoint!
I was absolutely gob-smacked by the extreme skill and honed talent of the performers.
The hours and HOURS they must spend not only learning the skills but honing them into the crisp, exact and INCREDIBLE level they perform at.
[starting with one bloke on a bmx, one by one they leap on til TEN people are perfectly balanced on the bike as he rides around!]
And on top of the actual athleticism and genius talent, the music was FANTASTIC and had me bopping about in my seat, clapping in time, and the performers mucked around in different skits inbetween amazing feats - it was hilarious!!
The ring-mistress sang about equality, and the basic principles of humanity, the changes society is experiences and the impact that has on the individual. I CANNOT recommend the Circus Oz enough!!

In knitting news the little itty bitty bubby beanie is almost complete! I need to make the little i-cord drawstring and sew in the ends - hoorah! I've had word from the Mum that little Adam is happy and healthy at 8 pounds :) yay! Now to knit a little something for his big brother so he doesn't feel left out! But geez.. I've got so many birthday's looming.. gotta get KNITTING!!


Carol said...

that's really awesome. I'd like to learn how to knit... it looks complicated though.

Helen said...

It's such a pleasure to gift this roving to you, as I know you will turn it into something very scrumptous.
Sounds like you had an awesome time at the circus. Your pics captured the atomsphere beautifully.
Glad to hear your friend's baby has arrived safely and I am sure they will love the hat that your knitting.