Saturday, March 03, 2007

*stretch and yawn*
Good morning good morning! I've woken up in my own bed with Scrumptious by my side! Most unusual considering the last week or so house-sitting! I've had a really enjoyable week - including catching up with such a gorgeous close friend who now lives in Darwin! yay! Bink, Zo and I've been mates since we were little tackers in primary school so it was awesome to catch up together :) We went to the outdoor cinema and saw The Prestige - a movie I couldn't get out of my head for the next few days!
Prestige outdoor Feb
It was lovely lying there on the grass with our cushions together watching the movie, the river nearby and the breeze wafting by - outdoor cinemas are FABULOUS!

Plus we had the bonus treat of having gone to the flicks on Chinese New Year so the movie was paused partway through for a brilliant fireworks display right in our laps!! Yippeee! =D
Fireworks Feb
Although I was struck with the immensity of the cost involved. Such a lavish and loooong fireworks display must have cost a a HUGE amount of money.. and I can't help but think that a display half the size would've been just as fantastic, but then the rest of the mulah could've been put to another cause in aid of the community or such.

We chilled out at Bink's place afterwards where Bink cracked out some extremely fancy tea! It was a lotus flower tea bomb, all wound up into a little nugget, and as it soaked in the tea it unraveled into a flower!!! Right before our eyes!! It was most inpressive - so of course I documented it for blogland *grin*
Lotus flower tea

I've made a lot of progress on the itty bitty babie beanie - in fact the Mum is in having her cesearian right now!! Eeek!!
Picture sashcam
The little mini citrussy hat is pictured here inside out, as that's the way I'm knitting it :) I'm really happy with how it's coming along! Notice the super cute spinning wheel stitch marker! Adorable!! The weather having turned all stormy and rainy is perfectly conducive to sitting on the couch knitting and sipping hot chocolate! Dreamy!
Lightning sky Feb
I've loved the cracking of thunder and shots of lightening through the air - very invigorating!! I even managed to capture a little bit of lightening on film! This is just a teeny little spark of lightening, but I couldn't catch any of the big ones! As I was standing outside work with my camera, poised to snap the shot an any moment the ladies inside were in a complete flap! "You come away from there you'll get struck by lightening!!!" Even when I was at the window inside they were terrified I'd be struck through the glass!

I'm am barely reigning myself in from an overflow of anticipatory excitement at SECRET PAL 10!! February is officially over so everyone who's signed up, has signed up and we'll be assigned our secret buddies any day now I'm sure!! I can't wait to get cracking on finding all sorts of gorgeous little knick-knacks and treats for my pal!! Also am excited to see any little Secret Pal 10 buttons appearing! Or maybe even make one or two myself if no others are created :)

For now, I'm off to indulge in a few skoota hours before dashing off to the City for Citiknits! Yay! Then TONIGHT... *excited glint in eye* is the CIRCUS!! Wheee!! So excited!! =D

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2paw said...

Very cute little hat, and just in the nick of time. How I wish the weather was cooler here. It is very wrong that we are hot!! I missed The Prestige, it was only here for a week, so now I have to wait for the DVD. What exciting tea!! Lovely teapot too!!!