Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Enjoyment Central at the Relaxation Station!

There has been much knitting and excitement over the weekend and start of this week. Probably the most divine of all being this amazing beauty mentioned in a previous post and picked up Sunday arvo...

lush lush lounge

Here she is all set up in our (far too tiny) lounge room. Lush Laze-alicious Lounge ends up being a lot bigger and juicier than we expected - so much bigger in perspective when in an actual house rather than a showroom!!! We've found that the endless possibilities of how we can set up our magical LeggoLounge are rather limited by the size of our current rental's lounge area! Definitely a reason to start scouring for a new place!! hehe! So at the moment we have it set up in the L shape with the ottoman done up as a separate armchair - most delicious!!

lush lush chair

In the pictures, you can see my current sock WIP for a size perspective *grin* It is absolutely GIANT! We can get over how luxurious and relaxing it is - it looks a million dollars and feels so special and juicy to relax on it *contented sigh* I was keen to blog about it last night after we'd gotten it home (in the pouring rain no less! But luckily well wrapped up by Skoot so didn't get wet in transit!) but after sitting on it for a short while I found it impossible to extricate myself from the loungey bludgey yummy cuddle-tastic set up!! haha! Many have asked where we foudn it and expressed delight over it - I can understand!! *grin* We bought it from Condor Furniture for what I think is a very reasonable price for how fabulous it is! But they've discontinued this style of lounge - so if you want one get in quick!!

I've kept on with my lace, getting further and further along, now up to the 6th (out of 14) repeat of the Budding Lace Chart 2. I'm getting to the point where I'm not so studious about it - I can knit in a more relaxed way, in front of the tv or in more of a social set up. But I'm still being careful! I had a horrible moment as mentioned previously where I lost two stitches! Where had they gone? Well they were never actually 'born' onto the needles!! I was on Row 5 of the 5th Repeat and was zooming along with such gusto I forgot two YOs!!! Nevermind, I managed to tink back and pop them in without too much trouble, felt very proud of myself afterwards for figuring it out and fixing it! Yay!

lace work

But just at the mo I'm chuffing along to finish a vibrant and delish dish cloth to put in with my first package to my Secret Pal! I thought it'd be lovely to include something hand-knitted and dishcloths are of course super quick to knit up and everyone (except for those dastedly people allergic to water or who enjoy being smelly) can use them - perfect! I really want to send something off to her this week so I'm trying to get the cloth finished up ASAP!

seed yarn cakes

I'm LOVING how the colours are working together - vibrant, punchy and bright! And look at those two waffley yarn cakes *smacks lips together* mmmm yummy!!

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Michelle said...

wow. that lounge looks so comfortable!! love the colour too!! what yarn are you using for the vibrant pink and green? we're having a city nits this saturday arent we??