Friday, April 13, 2007


Yes, I'm using capital letter because of the level of EXCIIITEMENT!!!!
And you shall soon see why!! Allow me to introduce a new and most adventageous addition to the Skoot'n'Sash household...

The Viper Modular Lounge!
Viper lounge
Isn't it FABULOUS!??!
The photo on the left doesn't really do it justice, the long parts of the couch are very long and stretch-tastic, about 5 feet or so. The best part about it though, and the reason we hunted it down and are drooling at the mouth, stamping of the foot and generally barely controllable about picking it up tomorrow... IT WORKS COMPLETELY LIKE AWESOME COUCH LEGGO!! You can arrange it into a myriad of different set-up and relax-tastic, lounge-alicious designs!!
Both our current lounges have had the biscuit, and are actually pretty uncomfortable and challenging to sit on! So it was defiantely time for a newie! This one is exactly what we've been looking for and we ADORE it!! Yay!
More pictures and delirious rantings to follow on installment in our lounge-room!! *wink*


Rose Red said...

Heh! That does look like an awesome lounge (and I love your description - lounge lego!). I hope you got it in red??!

Dame Wendy said...

That looks great!! I'm totally jealous. :)

Ann said...

The lounge looks so... comfortable! Great for long knitting sessions. Have you fix the missing 2 stitches in your shawl - I had the same problem too & it was 1 stitch missing & I had to un-knit 5 rows in 3 hours to find the mistake - perseverance is all it needs, not knitting skill. Good luck!

Michelle said...

wow...very comfy looking lounge!! where did you get it from?? did u get it in red too?? va va voom!!!

ahem...dun ask me abt the shawl. i havent touch it yet. think i'm the slowest so far!!

pinky-yin said...

i am slower than Michelle.... i didnt even finish the first chart yet! hahahaha.... i must ask you where you got that lounge from.... looks extra comfy :)