Thursday, April 26, 2007

I knit for ME!!

I finally decided that it's high time I knit something for myself!
My finished sockie is the only thing I've actually ever knit for ME!! Now, I don't actually ahve a problem with philanthropic knitting, not at all. I LOVE making things for people, and giving exciting and unexpected gifts - expecially whenknit or hand made :) But I wanted some of the fibery lovin' too hehe And the 'My So Called Scarf' I was doing in Colinette has to be frogged, my socks simply aren't a priority with all the gift nitting I'm doing for ever approaching May Birthdays, so that was that.

Then... well, then the fabulous weekend of fibre occurred just past.. MMmmmmm yes indeed it was lovely.. My yummy Mum and I hit Calico & Ivy and the gorgeous little toy-store next door on Saturday morning, and browsed all through the delicious tactile goodies, quilting fabrics, yarns and other delights. And amongst my finds, I came away with this ball of 50% wool, 50%nylon, I almost thought it was Noro before I saw the ball band - the colours are so reminiscent!

Knitting scarf

(That's how eager I was - I didn't even get a chance to take a photo before I ripped it open and cast on!)

I decided to use only the one ball (about $10) on 6mm needles and do up a looong skinny scarf! More for decoration and to add colour than to keep warm. It was such a quick knit!! I almost had it done in time to wear out to a family lunch on Sunday, but there was housework and other bits and bobs to be done. Here it is in all it's completed glory! look at those COLOURS!!

scarf coloursMy skinny scarf!

They pop and snap and are so unexpected! Aqua, then red, then a merge through blue to lime!! Oohh I love love it!

So here it is in action, I'm wearing it to work today and have already had many comments on it! Yay!! I'm wearing my own hand knits!! !Wheeeeee!! =D

skinny scarf on

Now.. just ignore that spray bottle in the background there.. We all know knitters don't have time for housework!! I can't imagine WHAT that's doing there... hehehe


pinky-yin said...

wah! that was quick! looks nice :))) you have to wear it to the next city nits :)

2paw said...

What great colours and it does look fantastic!!

Michelle said...

really colourful!!! bring it next week yea!!!

Ann said...

Gorgeous colors & it looks so good on you ! Great knit !