Friday, April 20, 2007

On the airwaves

I am, as many of you out there are too I expect, a huge fan of podcasts. They make my long drives to and from work almost bearable, and are fun to listen to while knitting away, exercising (when does THAT happen?!), doing chores etc.. When I had first started knitting and discovered Brenda's fabulous knitting/life podcast Cast-On I was inspired to start my own podcast, but I was deterred by several factors. First of all I didn't have the necessary equipment for a podcasting set up - namely a mic, as most others things can eb found online for free. But the other missing elemtn was time, I barely felt I had enough time to actually KNIT in itself! Let alone produce a podcast about it! But I had thought a podcast by a beginner knitter was an interesting idea, and I still toy with it even now.

Now through Brenda's Cast-On I discovered a non-knitting podcast which has become one of my all time favourites - Quirky Nomads. Sage observes the world around her and uses her incredible imagination to create audio skits and thought provoking commentaries on this world we live in - and I adore it.

And to my great excitement and honour, Sage has allowed me to become a regular contributor to Quirky nomads! Yay!! I am having SUCH a blast and want to hearitly encourage ANYONE who has even toyed with the idea of submitting their voice, experiences or general feedback to a podcast such as this, and I want to almost DEMAND that you all start listening to her podcast!! hehehe (if you aren't already that is *wink*) I've found that this is an exciting middle ground, between having a podcast of my own, and not doing anything at all. I'm able to be creatively involved to an extent, play around with editting equipment and so on, but without sapping an entire day's time!

So the other week lovely Skoot went out and purchased me a mic, in aid of my new found delight in recording. A REAL mic. *contented sigh* I had been using our little portable PDA which has a recording device included, sort of like a dictaphone. I would record what I needed, then transfer the file to computer and send it off to Sage, or Kelli at Unwound, or where-ever. But the sound quality was less than average, and we knew we needed some snazzy new piece of technology to step it up!

Ta da!!


Here modelled by my charming candle pot - hehe! It's AWESOME (I meant the mic, but yes, the pot is nice too) and now I can't fathom how I got on without it! Isn't that always the way? You buy a new bag, and you wondr how on earth you managed to carry everything around in that piddley little one for so long, or a warm coat and you're stunned you haven't frozen to death before it's purchase. Well, that's how it is with my loovely new mic :)

I shall now bask in it's glory for a little more.. *bask* *bask* ...

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