Friday, April 13, 2007

Secret Spoilings!

My Secret Pal gifting and fun has BEGUN!!! *maniacal cackle*
I badly wanted to find some knitting related stationary or cards to send to my SP spoilee, but couldn't find any anywhere, not even the vintage style cards sold by trnedy gift stores!! So instead I opted for highlighting the element of every knitter's life that is perhaps the most frightening.. addiction. hehehe, I give you.... THE YARN JUNKIE POSTCARD!!

SP junkie postcard

It very much resembles a drug junkie postcard, appearing to have the word 'drug' replaced with 'YARN' and some balls of fiber and knitting needles inserted where the heroin items were previously! hehehe! I found it in the ever-entertaining and obscure Planet stores - they hire almost every dvd under the sun, even the crazy unusual ones, and sell both books and music goodies.

I sent off the book-cover-style postacrd earlier this week and I'm planning a package that I'll hopefully send off tomorrow once I've added all the goodies and wrappings and so on to it =D So much fun!! I've heard from my most adoreable-ment Secert Pal Spoiler who is SUCH a gem and so much fun to email with - she said she'll be putting a package in the post maybe today!!! EEEeeeee!!! Spoilings for ME too?! Awesome awesome awesome!! =D

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