Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The weekend that was

And was it ever!?
Such a super fun weekend! On Saturday Citiknits was on which was SO. MUCH. FUN!! Not only are all the knitters there FABULOUS people, generous, so friendly, good fun, inspiring and helpful... but Yin brought along the knittery yarns we'd bought all in one go with her 10% off discount (wheee!) hoorah!

New knittery

Delicious 2ply Merino for a future lace projects, and to gift to my Secret Pal who is new to the lace scene.

Speaking of lace... We all started!! That is the other fantasteric reason Saturday was so fabulously fun! Anne is already a good way ahead, but Yin, Helen, Michelle and I all have our yarn and needles at the ready and have started our Swallowtail Shawl Lace project!! Wooohoo!! It is SO much fun! I can't emphasize that enough! It's addictive!! We're doing our own little knit-along but I want to join the online KAL for Swallowtail too, but then I discovered there's TWO!! I wonder which one I should join... or BOTH?! We'll see =)

The weekend was filled with so many OTHER non-lace fun things that I couldn't get past the first section of lace, the first chart, so I'm absolutely ITCHING to get back to it!! I've brought it with me to work to close myself off away somewhere and do some then! One of the super fun things was a family lunch at my Huggable Dad's house on Sunday to celebrate my Pa's birthday! It was great to catch up with my grandparents, brother and his girlfriend, and my lovely Dad =) Skoot was able to come along too which was brill, and we had many many fluffy cuddles (and kisses!!) with the gorgeous Chilli bill! Every time I see her I miss her so much, but know she's happy where she is, and that Dad loves her so very much - it's so much fun have rompy cuddles with her - even if I do end up a bit soggy afterwards!

sash n chill kiss

Our first go on a shooting range was a bit of an excitement too! And I managed to put 5 out of ten bullets through the center red star on my first go!! Most surprising! And a lot of fun too :)

A nice wind-down on Sunday evening at a friend's spontaneous bbq was a lovely way to draw the weekend to a close. One of the chaps they share house with has two stunning and super-friendly gorgeous doggers;
Chloe (a mega-cuddler, sat on the bench with me all night getting scratches behind the ears and soaking up the luuuurve)


and Chrissy (a blur of energy, dashing about playing and destroying the bucket in play - could hardly get a cuddle in, let alone a still photo!)


The sad thing is that their owner doesn't really take such good care of them. They're both healthy, get fed (when he remembers) and have shelter, but our mates take them for walks, not their dad, and he popped in while we were there, asked our mates if the dogs had been fed, they said no, he left without feeding them?!?! Whaaaaa??! I don't understand people like that, I truly don't. A dog, cat or any other pet is a COMMITTMENT. You are their caregiver and companion. *scowls* Need to change subject or I'll be a black storm cloud all day thinking about it. Such beautiful and friendly doggers :) At least I got to spend a good cuddle-a-thon with them :)

The other critters our mates have there are less easy to cuddle - eels!! Check them out!


Aren't they incredible?!

long eel

The long stripey black one is called Capone because he's pinstriped and the leader of the tank hehehe

Now I'm off to fit in some lace knitting before work starts!!

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