Friday, March 30, 2007

Oh so dreamy


Most times when a package arrives on my dorstep, or I pick up a new and exciting item out comes the camera straight away to document the unwrapping and unveiling process for a blog post truly rich with illustration. But not this time!! Ooohh no! Although I did restrain myself on the drive home, sometimes holding the plastic wrapped Options binder set on my lap, or gazing yearningly over at it on the passenger seat on my drive home from Helen's place - as soon as I got home and had hugged the shveetie I whipped out the pack gabbled to him about how brilliant it was and it has this feature and that feature, all the while removing the wrapping, unzipping and basking in it's knitterly glory. So it was only when I had all the goodies out of their packets and spread out on the floor before me to set them up in the awesome elegant binder than I thought to take a shot of it!
Options set

Skoot was suitably excited and stoked to see how thrilled I am with the set! See.. I was hoping with all my knitterly heart that I would like knitty with them, and thus would be justified in buying the whole set - because otherwise, why buy a whole matching awesome interchangeable set of needles you don't like and so will never use?! I was cautious because the addi turbo I used to swatch my clapotis yarn really didn't do it for me. It seemed a little... un-smooth. Not rough as such, but just.. it gave me the sort of feeling inside like a mild version of a fork across a plate - that sort of metal on metal put-your-teeth-on-edge feeling. But when I tried one of the needles from Helen's set it took me only a short cast on and row to feel the smoothness, the glide of the needles across each other.. ooohh my it was float away blissful knitting!!

hehe I am loving them more and more with each time I get to fondle them, knit with them, or gaze adoringly at them! One of the screw in ends wouldn't go in all the way, but magical Skoota with his magical skills is going to fix it up for me - and if that still doesn't work, Fabulous Helen said she'll chase up the manufacturer's for a replacement - but it doesn't seem a big deal, Magical Skoota said i could even over-ride the little "dag" in the thread by simply screwing it in really firmly.. but they feel like my lovely silken, precious princess needles and I LUFF them! So we'll do it the fancy pants Magical Skoota way instead :) It's handy (and lovely) having a skoota around *smitten smile* Oooh and the cables are so flexy and lovely.. mmm.. So many good things can be said about these divine delicious needles!

So it didn't take me long to swap my Tahki Dongeal tweed swatch off my bamboos and onto the Princesses!!
tahki tweeed swatch
From there I zoooooomed along, the knitting seemed the fly from the needles, one slick, smooth, dreamy stitch at a time!
tahki finished swatch
Finished! I'm really curious to see how it turns out after washing and blocking. The finished fabric doesn't feel as rough now it's knitted up from the yarn - but it's still reasonably course. This isn't a huge drama as I'm knitting it into the Hoodie so I'll almost always have a t-shirt or something else underneath. So we'll see how it goes!

options love
Did I mention I love them?

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