Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My So Called Frog

Here she is - the vibrant and spasm inducing beginning to my My So Called Scarf(started some months ago and then stalled with other projects on the go), in Colinette Point 5 Popsicle. Yum Yum *adoring gaze*
my so called frog
However! It is now becoming my My So Called FROG! Yes, that's right - off to the lily pads with this one. I adore ADORE it, but I have only 2 skeins of the yarn and knitting it as wide as I've done will result in a scarf too short for my desire!
my so called closeup
It's ok, I'm not upset - I love this yarn in this stitch pattern so I'll definitely re-knit it, but with fewer stitches on the needles. And.. when I have a bit more time!


bink said...

What does frog mean in knitting circles? :)


Michelle said...

bink...frogging means winding up the yarns back into balls. basicallyl just pull the whole thing or undoing everything!! :( the colour of that yarn sasha. too bad you have to frog it. i hope it'll be long enough if u cast on fewer sts. Is this for yourself?

bink said...

Thanks michelle :)