Saturday, May 26, 2007

Million Paws Walk 2007

Sunday of last weekend was the fantastic 2007 edition of the RSPCA Million Paws Walk! Hooray!! *crowd cheers* It was, as last year, a fun-tacular day out with SO much to see and do!
There were big doggers...
Picture sashcam 047

Little doggers... (note the tiger print and Superhero outfits!! hehe)
Picture sashcam 049

Fast dogs...
Picture sashcam 046

And slooow dogs!
Picture sashcam 052

Dogs of every shape, size, colour and culture were out with their humans to raise money for the RSPCA in the riverside walk! I met Dad there with our lovely scruffy-muffin Chilli, my gorgeous good mate Binkett and Chris with their sleek and adorable TessBug - and we met up with Skoot's family and their doggers there too - it was a doggie day for all!

Picture sashcam 062
Binkett Chris and Tessbug

The weather was nice and cool, but overcast, and we did get a slight sprinkling of rain - but it was lovely :) A camel was even in attendance and some horses - last year we saw ferrets and a very bold cat on a leash! hehe! We all had SO much fun, it really is a great event to support the RSPCA and see the dogger community out at large. Chilli-muffin was extremely well behaved and I'm very proud of her :)

Picture sashcam 057
She loved getting cuddles from Bink - just look as those ears pinned back and tucked up paws!

Several years ago when I was living closer in amongst the city I did volunteer work at a nearby Dogs' Refuge. It was something I found difficult, but very rewarding and I certainly wouldn't stop doing it because I didn't like to see all the homeless darlings who broke my heart with their kind eyes and eager looks - the benefit to them was so high and I loved being able to help bring joy to their lives while they were waiting for their new family. Unfortunately where I am now there are no refuges or animal shelters I can access to do such volunteer work - they're all an hour drive away or so - which for the moment I'm not prepared to do. So for the moment I shall make financial contributions by joining the RSPCA and supporting them in other ways , volunteering at events and so on. There is so much delight in our being able to not only associate but bond with another species, it is something so special and worth cherishing. And for those situations where animals are not cherished or respected, it's important that we make the effort to step in and help them out.


Ilix said...

What a great event for a great cause! Cute dogs!

Ann said...

I was thinking of going but my girls felt that it was silly to go as we don't have a pet to bring along. Wish I was there!