Friday, May 18, 2007

Is it contagious?

Yupp!! Knitting certainly is catching!

Skoot's Mum was a knitter many moons ago when skoot was a littlie, and after a few years hibernation- I am thrilled to announce.. She is a knitting once again!! =D

After a couple of scarves she was back in the game and wanted to do up a garment - a round neck vest to be precise. So we hunted through all my magazines and books and settled on Sloane from Lisa'a book Yarnplay (mmmmm.. yummo!) . So after selecting the yarn, working out the tension she liked on a range of different needles, it turned out we'd have to re-write the pattern to use the guage she liked, so we did! It's looking MARVELLOUS!!

Vestie back

Ma-Skoot and I customised it a bit as she prefers a logner type of vest than the cropped Sloane delivers, but that was a pice of cake as she simply added more rows - knit til it was the desired length! Wednesday night Ma-Skoot came over to finish off the neckline of the back - the pattern seemed a little strange and we couldn't figure it out! Eventually we decided to wing it and simply do it ourselve, and, again, it looks MARVELLOUS!! hehehe Ma-Skoot is so enthusiatisc, she's onto the front now and zooooming along!

So exciting to have another knitter in my midst :)

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