Friday, May 18, 2007

Fitted Gryffindor two-tone knits!

Yippee!! I went out yesterday and purchased 8 balls of cheap'n'cheerful 100% wool to start knitting up my Two Tone Shrug from the fantastic Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits - hoorah!! =D

Gryffindor harvest

I was very restrained and did NOT decide to knit it out of naughty expensive malabrigo as I had initially intended (but thanks for all your help all the same Leah! I'm still hanging out to try it some day!!) and even then only purchased the 8 balls - 4 scarlet, 4 golden - which is a total of 440m, half of the metre-age the pattern claims I'll need. But I wanted to be sure, to be logial, rational and calculated rather than impulsive and wasteful - so we'll see how it swatches up and how far it goes before I dash out to buy up more, particularly as they're machine dyed and the ENTIRE store basket had the same dyelot PRINTED on the ball band, not stamped on! So I feel pretty safe there :)

golden swatch

I've started swatching and am SO excited!! I can't wait to get cracking on it! Must have it finished in time for the moofie premiere and for the 7am line up for the book release!! *breathes heavily and excitedly* EEEEE!!!

Although I must calm down. Really. *stern look* I still have a little bit of Grandad's OVERDUE pressie to finish up (although I'm soooo close to the end!!) and last night I had a rather disturbing dream that is making me REALLY REALLY want to finish Gran's shawl for her - so I can only knit the Shrug as relaxing easy take-a-break-from-2.5mm-needles knitting until I've finished those other two projects. I've also decided to enforce a half-hour-a-day rule on the lace shawl. I must find at least 30minutes in every day to knit on the lace shawl. I ADORE knitting it and am having such a blast seeing it come together, but it has been put aside for too long and I must do something to remedy that!!

Oooh! It's so lovely KNITTING!!! =D

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Ann said...

I am sure the shrug will look great in those colors & it should be a quick knit. By the way, my email address is just in case you don't have it. Happy knitting.