Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Tuesday last week was a very trying time.. it was a FABULOUS time! But very trying.. and you will soon see why *sigh* Helen and Ann are sadly bringing their brillo knitting store Knitting Inspirations to a close, and as a result Helen had two HUGE SUITCASES FULL of delicious yarn at the Library Knitting group!!!! Noooooo!!! Check out the feeding frenzy!

feeding frenzy

Of course I couldn't really get a good shot or take one at a nice angle due to the amount of jostling, teeth gnashing and elbow poking (no not really) as knitters dove into the piles of Jo Sharp, Debbie Bliss, yummy cottons and luxurious blends. And all the while I stood back. Yes, I know it's hard to contemplate, and it was even harder to carry out - but I did not purchase a THING. Not one little solitary, divine, bargain-basement-bootylicious ball or skein. *sigh* And I'm proud - yes, proud - not sad! No more impule purchases for me! If the Silk Road Ultra had been there sitting in a little plastic wrap I would have snaffled it all up for Cleaves, but Helen had only the Aran left so I declined.

What DID take my fancy was the huge amount of delectable green (c'mon, my favourite colour now THAT was self control!) Jo Sharp Cotton... oooooohhh so tasty!!

what i cant have

But that too stayed there for some other lucky knitter to discover! It was funny, I went over for a browsal then mentally said "NO!" and walked away to sit and knit then somehow found myself back there again!! *shakes head* like some sort of crazy magnetism!

Instead I have saved my dollars to invest in other things, and have more of an incentive to complete my current projects so I can move on to others :) I have put a bit of money aside, however, for an exciting international endeavour!! =D A friend from work - a fellow knitter - is travelling to her native city of San Fransisco, and when I mentioned that I listen to a podcast from there (Stash&Burn) and she exclaimed "Well if there's anything you want me to pick up for youwhile I'm over there let me know!" EEEEEEE!!!! So that shall be my little indulgence :) I emailed Jenn and Nicole of Stash&Burn and asked their advice for good yarn stores in the San Fran area and any other fun knitterly things they could suggest, exotic US yarns I could suggest getting etc.. and they were BRILLIANT! So I've sent my fantastic generous mate off with a detailed list of yarn stores, a couple of Must-Haves (koigu) and a colour printed sheet of some of my favourite skein colourways so she gets an insight to my colour palette!


2paw said...

I hope you have sufficiently recovered from the Terrible Insect Invasion. I'm sad to hear about Ann and Helen's store closing. You showed such self restraint, and the green cotton was so gorgeous!! I do see, though, the temptation of a friend travelling overseas. The wool is greener on the other side!!!

Leah said...

So glad your yarn is now freezing any of those little nasties to death!!!

Can't wait to see what you get from my side of the pond!