Monday, May 14, 2007

... disaster struck...

Sort of like awe-struck.. but different. Quite different really. And worse *screws up face*


Well.. *calms down a little* maybe not aalll the wool, but I saw one in another 100% wool ball, and that was enough to send me frantically wrapping all my yarn in plastic and shoving it deep into the freezer to KILL THE HIDEOUS INFESTATION. Then I suddenly realised that my roving, and spinning fibre is of course.. made of wool!! So went dashing into my nestie and found another foul festy one in a ball of the beautiful Tree Tops Colour Harmonies fibre skoota gave me for my birthday. *sigh*
frozen stash
So now it's all completely air tight, vacuum wrapped in plastic and half of it frozen to ensure DEATH on the evil weevils. And I am out to scour the internet for excellent natural remedies to keep this from happening again. *big sigh* Any hot tips and advice would be GREATLY appreciated - Thanks Anne for your kind words of sympathy! :)


Ann said...

Now it does look like a diaster - also check all your woollen clothing & start fumigating the cupboards! Good luck.

Michelle said...

omg??!! i never check my wool stuff. i think i better go check mine too!! yikes!!! how to fumigate?? can we just get those spray from the supermarket??

bink said...

Bad news indeed :(

I'd be worried about rushing out to buy some kind of fumigating product though - wouldn't want to get nasty chemicals all over that beautiful natural yarn, which you will end up wearing??

I know Tinderbox make some essential oil blends to repel moths and silverfish, so if we could just pin down what this evil weevil is, maybe we could find a more natural repellant!

When I get home tonight I'll have a look at my two organic house cleaning books, they have all sorts of tips for these kinds of situations!