Thursday, May 10, 2007


After the discussions with Scrumptious Bum about my unfinished projects, and after musing on the many tips and stash topics on the eps of Stash and Burn I've been religiously listening to, I decided I would open up the lovely wicker chest of yarn in my studio and make up a little inventory of my stash. And look what I found.....

foul feral bug

*horror film knife-stabby music* AAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHKKKK!!!! OhmyfkingWhatisTHAT?!?! EEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!
I'll tell you what that is. It's a foul, squirmy, wool-destroying, revolting little weevil-worm-bug.
I had picked up this label-less ball of yarn to inspect it, as I'd done many balls before it, to figure out what it was exactly and add it to my list. But I saw this strange little hole, like someone (some THING) had drilled into the ball. A perfect crisp edged little bore hole. My stomach dropped, I pored over the ball and to my horror discovered the little bastard wiggling around in the midst of the yellow strands. I leapt up and dashed out of the room, brandishing the ball of wool to Skoot, terror in my eyes and I gabbled "Athing!!! Lookatit! It'saweevillywormyandit'sinmy STAAAASSSH!!" Frantically trying to extricate my camera from its case so I could take a photo then be rid of the foul festy intruder (see how dedicated I am to my blog *wink*). The camera wouldn't focus for some reason and I HAD to get this thing OUT of the house so I took the best i could and dashed to the front door, whipped the lid off the big green bin and chucked it in with disgust.

Luckily I have a reasonably modest stash, so there wasn't much at risk. The few things I dashed back in to inspect and plastic wrap were the stunning and lovely skeins I ordered from afar from the Yarn Wench, the Sunshine Yarns Dragon yarn, the box of Tahki tweed and my own handspun/hand-dyed. My most particular fright was that my most heavenly of heavenly acquisitions, the Yarn Wench skein that is destined to become a work of art, not actually knit up, would have been infested.. *sighs with relief* but luckily it appears the yellow ball was the only victim to the festy hateful little weevil thing. *scowls with look of revulsion*


Here sits most of my yarn in the box I was transferring the balls and skeins to as I wrote them down on my little list. The yellow was right down the very bottom corner of my stash basket (only 5 inches deep anyway!) and it seems all these other lovelies are unscathed, I would have noticed as I was inspecting them of fibre content, brand etc.. They will of course get a much more thorough examination when I get home today!!

This box below was whisked almost immediately from the vicinity of the evil weevil's deeds, as it is full of the tahki stacey tweed Mum bought me for my birthday and we had to ship over from the US. Balanced atop you can see my most treasured skein, the yarn wench *sighs with love* These have of course all been scrupulously examined *sighs with relief* and all is well :) At the front of the box you can see my little skeins of first ever hand spinning! Those are DEFINITELY to be protected from the foulness!

stash 1

Now, I DID have a smelly clothes protector in amongst the basket, I wasn't toally derelict in my Stash Protector duties, but it was still partially wrapped, so it must not have been strong enough to reach the far ends and corners of the basket. Nevermind. It's a good learning experience. A scary experience. But definitely good for the life lessons!
p.s. I'll take better shots of my stash later in it's entirety once it's all had a check over.
p.p.s Don't worry Michelle, your Shimmer is still safely wrapped up in its bag :)

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Ann said...

That must be a teriible experience. I found a silverfish last year in my cupboard where I keep most of my yarn & I was frantic - now all my yarn are in zip lock bags (spent a fortune on those bags) & I made little potpurri bags of lavender, rosemary & cloves (read about this natural remedy for silverfish)for all my cupboards (including knitted wear).