Monday, June 25, 2007

Artfibers surprise!!

Oh my goodness! The Marvellous Mary Jo has returned from her San Fran trip and brought with her my fibery treats! I asked her if she could bring back a couple of Knitterly goodies for me from San Fran, gave her a maximum price limit and an idea of the colours I'm into.. and boy did she deliver!

The stunning Artfibers store was her destination of choice - a fabulous store completely knit-centered with patterns, design help and even "yarn tastings"!! They have their own exclusive line of yarns - all of which are exquisite! The magical and delightful Jenny and Nicole of Stash'n'Burn podcast recommended Artfibers to me, as somewhere to direct Mary Jo towards - and they were so right!

Mary Jo brought back two cones for me.. and I'm speechless and gobsmacked, overwhelmed and in complete adoration over them!! I can't upload pictures til I get them home to my camera and flickr upload, but there are pictures and details over on the Artfibers website.

Golden Chai - tussah silk, Colour #35, 590yds, 179g [Gauge: 22 sts, 28rows = 4", 4mm needles]

Ming - 50% silk, 50% superfine merino, colour #13 , 434yds, 152g [Gauge:19sts, 25rows =4", 5mm needles]

I've been thinking on what I'd like to create with such divine yarns, and I think I'll go with a wrap, stole or rectangular style shawl for each- sort of like a pashmina style item that I can wrap or throw around myself - wear at work or casual, or with an elegant dress also - YUM! I really wanted something truly lovely to make from such special yarn - so I think that's what I'll do! If you have any ideas for patterns I could use, given the amounts I have, please let me know! Bring on the creative juices!

Oooh, I'm just so in love with these yarns! Will snap shots and put them up when I get home - get a napkin ready for your drooling!

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Ann said...

The yarns do sound yummy & wraps & shawls will be great, esp. the silk!