Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wet Weekend

This morning we woke up to stormy sounds outside, wind thrashing, thunder and the static-like sound of millions of raindrops hitting the earth. Yesterday I admired another stunning sunrise on my drive to work - Australia surely does present when it comes to the sunrise stakes!
June sunrise
But today the weather has taken a decidedly colder, stormier turn - which is fitting, seeing as it's Winter - so we'll be staying inside to finish the sorting and arranging of the house.

Last night I went on a zip-lock frenzy and bagged up the entire Bendigo Haul! Geez I love those little baggies!! No more festy carpet beetles for MY stash!!
Although.. there has been an alarming development this morning with my Studio-To-Be. At the moment it's full to the brim with boxes, no shelving units or anything so I can't really unpack and set up yet. But we we took possession of the house the studio had this damp smell about it, as if the carpet had been left wet at one stage. Well, today we found the source. Skoota went in to check that the roof wasn't leaking - we paced about looking at the ceiling for damp spots - and I found a strange looking bit near the back doorway. I poked it so see what it was like... AND MY FINGER WENT THROUGH!! This newly poked hole started pouring water immediately, so we grabbed a bucket and shuddered.. we'll have to fill out a maintenance report - hopefully they'll be prompt in their repairs.

So.. do I trust the studio and leave the rest of my stash items and books in there? That seems to be the only leaky spot on the roof.. I don't know!! *dilemma*

To calm myself I've been knitting away on the beginnings of Skoot's Dashing Mitts - and they're coming along very well!
Dashing beginnings
Right - Now I must go and make myself useful! Have a fun weekend!

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