Friday, June 08, 2007

Getting there!

Oooh! I am having SO much fun knitting this Two-Tone Shrug from Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits!

I have finished the first stage - WHEEEE!! *does little excited victory dance* - which is knitting the back of the garment. Sleeves and ribbing remain are up next.
shrug back on!
Skoot helped me "try it on" last night and after a brief moment of panicked terror that it may be too large (the solution to which would have been very simple - rip back a few rows) we figured it out and it's looking just fine, thank-you very much *beams*

I'm absolutely thrilled with it so far, if you couldn't tell! And have now separated the left sleeve, leaving the center back and the right sleeve on the waste yarn - and started to knit knit knit my way down the left sleeve - hoorah!!
shrug back measure
I'm almost sure that I'll have it ready for the book and moofie premiers coming up - must make sure I'm looking my most Gryffindorian for the events!! hehe

p.s. Today is moving day!! =D Only a few more hours 'til we get the keys!! Must get off blogger, stop knitting and start to finish up those packing boxes!!


Ann said...

It's looking very nice - can't wait to see it all done. Maybe this Tues (pressure, pressure...)

2paw said...

I love your HP display!! Happy moving!!!

Helen said...

Very stylish and look forward to seeing it in real life when finished, which won't be long at the speed your knitting this one.
Hope your move went well and good luck with the unpacking and settling into your new home. Take care!

pinky-yin said...

yay!!!! cannot wait to see you wear it :)