Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Move yourself!

Well this weekend (and probably the next few!) has been chockablock full of packing, sorting, moving and lifting - Phew!! But we are now officially relocated and settling in to our newww home! YAY!! *does happy dancings*

We didn't hire any professional movers, but had loads of lovely friends and family help us over the weekend - seeing as we have our own ute and trailer - and doesn't our fantabulous modular lounge fit so PERFECTLY into the ute tray!!

moving trip

As always, moving was a lot of work - and we still have to return to The Hovel to fix up the gardens and such - but with such generous and hard-working loved-ones it was a breeze shifting ourselves! Skoot was particularly marvellous - patient, eager, practical - a real treasure!
We are absolutely thrilled to bits to be in such a lovely new home. We keep wandering around with these dopey cheshire cat grins on our faces - exclaiming to one another "There's just so much SPACE!" or "It's so goooooorgeous!" or even "EEEEEEE!!!!!!!" - though admittedly that last one is more often me.. not Skoot..
Not only is the house super-duper spacious, well set out and full of stunning natural light, but the polished boards, warm colours and SHINY BRASS FITTINGS make it an instant 'home' feeling, like an old estate home *sighs contentedly*

brass handle

I even have my very own studio out the back of the house, with full glass door surrounds looking out onto the patio and garden - BLISS! I'm very much looking forward to getting things in order, making/buying some bookshelves, sideboards and so on and setting up our living (and crafting!) spaces =D I'm imagining knitting groups held every now and then down in the studio, lounging on the couch together knittnig and spinning, the doors thrown wide open, sunlight streaming in and the sound of birds twittering outside on the lawn... *sighs contentedly again*
p.s. Amidst all this moving and shaking we've decided to change Internet provider, so for the next couple of weeks blog spots may be fewer and farer between, and I might be a little tardy at returning emails!
*sighs contentedly once more just for good measure*


Dame Wendy said...

How exciting!! Ah to have space, enjoy!! :)

Michelle said...

ooh...must take picture of your new house soon!!! are you coming to city nits this sat?

Ann said...

It's so nice to have some space of your own - can't wait to see your craft room all done up. Thanks for the inspirational session on dyeing - I can't wait to get my hands on it - now to find a microwave as I don't habe one.