Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Secet Pal Spoilee Installment #2


Karen, my Secret Pal, is the awesome-est, most generous and WARM FUZZY person!!!
*dances about with extreme excitement and glee*

Can you tell I received another of her GINORMOUS and completely BRILLIANT packages!!?
Well I did! *grin*
Wanna see what she sent me? *grins and giggles with more glee*

Lovely polka dot package! How sweet!!
package 2
This little beauty came a long long way - it was actually the first package Karen sent, but the 2nd one beat it here - but I tell you what, these goodies are MORE than worth the wait!


I tore off the paper with child-like zest, Skoota was sitting with me on the couch to enjoy the thrill and festivities, but his fingers were close to his ears, ready to protect his eardrums from my squealing!!
box o goodies!
And squealing there was! Just look at the BEVY of beautiful little parcels inside the big parcel!! And is that chocolate I spy..?

Karen has really done her homework and knows me so well already!! All of these treats and pressies suit me to a T - even a little sparkly tree faery - just like I used to be!! (I worked at a Fairy shop in my youthier youth) Sheepie notecards, tasty chocs, Canadian playing cards and some handknit items!! HAND KNIT ITEMS!!! *more excited dancing* Lovely cotton cloths - how divine! And Karen even spoiled me with some cotton to make my own! I must get the pattern from her for the intriguing geometric ball shape - how cleverly knit!!
secret pal stash 2!!
I can't wait to have a go dyeing yarn with the Kool Aid she sent too! So many sachets of colour/flavour to try!! Wheeee!! And when I'm finished I can clean my hands with the luscious vanilla hand lotion - mmmm! Hehe.. what's that you see there, nestled amongst the goodies, why.. a copy of the Yarn Harlot's new book -that's what!! *more and more happy dancing* Including some super awesome knitterly accessoreis from the store Karen visited on her Fibre weekend - an emery board with yarn on it, and a super wicked awesomeness KNITTER'S PEN! I know for a fact it's a knitter's pen, designed by and for knitters, because it has biro on one end... hilighter on the other!! Perfect!!

But wait... just when you think the pirate-worthy booty of deliciousness can't get any better... I flipped open the new shiny book and saw some writing inside "Oh magic!" I thought, "Karen's written in it for me for posterity!" but noooo... I looked closer and what did I decipher...? Not Karen's writing, but...
SIGNED copy!
I am now the proud and protective owner of a SIGNED copy of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's new book!! UNREAL!!! I squealed a LOT and ran to show Skoota, who had by this time wandered off to other endeavours, and explained to him that I may very well get mobbed for having a signed copy of this book - how many signed copies can there be in Oz!?!? WHEEEEE!!!!

*pants a little from all the happy dancing and excited uber-fast talking*

So, there is no way for me to express enough gratitude to Karen so all her thought and effort, care and charisma she's put into my packages. I truly-ruly appreciate it Karen :) You absolutely made my day, my week!


Dame Wendy said...

Wowzers!! That makes me want to participate in one of the exchanges. :)

2paw said...

This is so exciting to read I had to sit down!! What a great Secret Pal you have!!!