Thursday, June 28, 2007

Knitting continues and continues

Our little red car has finally had the biscuit. It will still putt-putt its way along but certainly isn't up to the great distances I drive to and from work each day. So now I'm a proud patron of public transport Monday to Friday, which gives me about two hours of pure knitting time EACH WAY! Four hours a day!! So as you can imagine my needles have been flying, getting white hot from all the friction as they clickitty clickitt, clickitty click me to and from work!

I've been working away diligently at my Gryffindor shrug and it's coming along VERY nicely!
I've also been working on the Dashings for Skoota, but stopped part way up the cuff as I needed the needles for the secret project I've been working on! I'm not giving any details now, I don't want word to spread *wink* But I actually finished it yesterday on the morning bus trip, but when i looked at it in more detail realised it was wrong wrong WRONG! *sigh* nevermind! More details later, when it's not so top-secret. Suffice to say I needed something else instead, and QUICK! So I've cast on Secret Project Take 2, and have gotten a good start on it this morning on my trip into work. I'm very much looking forward to my trip home so I can do some more!! =D


It seems an age since the last knitting group, but I can't wait for the next one! I might need some help with this Secret Project too.. there's a part in the pattern I don't quite understand - I'm hoping it will become clear when I get to that point and have the yarn, needles and structure of the item in my hot little handies - but if not I might have to cry "Annnnnne!!" hehehe =)

The table above shows my little section of our vast table at the last Citiknits session - tasty beverage, several knitting patterns, scrumptious yarn and good company - perfect!!


Ann said...

No problem - just send me an email anytime & will be more than happy to help. If you are coming along to the Knit-in on Wed, I will be there.

Michelle said...

ello sasha!! taking public transport eh!! hehehe ^_^

it's good that we get some knitting time. i actually havent been knitting much since tian's back!!!

bink said...

By the way Michelle - I haven't been avoiding you, it's just that ever since my Other Half started taking the train with me, we always get the late train! *rolls eyes*