Saturday, June 02, 2007

We Shall Not Tolerate Such Rubbish

This is a very succinct illustration of how Skoot and I feel about our current living space. I've posted before about the dripping ceiling, and the dive-like qualities of this hovel don't end there! So following Mr Snooty Seal's example we are at last saying GOOD DAY, SIR! to this rental and moving to a much lovelier one!


We're absolutely thrilled to have our application accepted for a gorgeous place not too far away - Jarrah floor boards, air-con, alarm, nice and roomy, french doors... *sighs contentedly*

I can't WAIT!!

So this weekend, which is a long weekend here is Oz, we are in packtastic-stash-it mode! Wheeee! The only downside is I'll miss Citiknits today -but when I've moved in maybe I can hold a Knits session at my place! Whheeeeeeeeee!! hehe

p.s. Mr Snooty Seal photo care of - but be warned, only visit the site if you are prepared to pee your pants laughing..


2paw said...

Happy move!! Your new house sounds lovely!!! We don't have a long weekend here in Tasmania, ours is next weekend.

Michelle said...

hey sasha!! where are you moving to?? which suburbs??

Sasha said...

Thanks Cindy! And you're right! It's a public holiday Monday in W.A - not all of Oz - oops! It's Foundation Day for us on Monday, where's your long weekend next week is for the Queen's birthday, which we've already had! :)

Michelle - Just the next suburb over from where we are now :) Wheee!