Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pack-fest 2007

We started with a humungo pile of boxes Friday night...
boxes galore

We filled a few that night (books and yarn - my favourites!!)...
boxes started

Then on Saturday with our awesome packing crew (THANK-YOU!!) we turned the empty boxes in a WALL O' PACKED-NESS! hehe
boxes packed
(note my awesome decorative metal fly in the bottom corner)

It was super fast really, and with the tasty snacks Mum brought over we zoomed through the day and almost every room in the house!

Today we rested on our laurels a bit (FYI: after checking in a dictionary, I found 'laurel' to be a type of tree.. iiinteresting..), had yummy lunch at the dog park with Dad and Chilli-scruffin and did a bit more packing this arvo.

With another weekend day ahead of us, courtesy of W.A's Foundation Day (good spot there Cindy!) we'll finish off the packerings and be all set for the big move coming up!

Ooooh I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!!


2paw said...

Hey, in The Land of The Long Weekend, I was just checking up in case we were missing out on one!!! Look at all that packing!!! Happy Moving!!
I think 'resting on your laurels' comes from Ancient times, maybe Greece, where a ring of laurel leaves were placed upon the heads of winners: thus, you could retire from the field of play in the full knowledge of your achievements and not be challenged!!Rest away!!

Ann said...

We sure miss you at City Nits. Great that you have found a nicer place to move to - Happy Moving!

bink said...

Psst.. this isn't about packing but I can't be bothered opening my email :)

This site here:
tells you how to get fixed width columns on the left and right, and then make the middle column fill up all the remaining space, so no room is wasted.

Might be a bit of a dramatic change to the template though!

Happy packing :)

Anonymous said...

Delighted to hear that you have found a better home. Good luck with all the moving and unpacking. Helen