Thursday, July 05, 2007

2007 Anglicare Knit In

Wednesday this week was the 2007 Perth Knit In both promoting knitting and collecting knitted squares for blankets to aid in the Winter Appeal. This was the fourth year the event has been run - now held in the stunning and very swish Grand ballroom of Government House. It was my first year in attendance and I was keen as mustard to be a part of it! Just look at all those knitters!!
knit in
They were even upstairs and in the balconies!
knit in balconies
I had taken the day off work and made my way into town for the event - I was very excited! I met many of the Library Knitting and Citiknits knitters there and sat at a table together for the festivities. We had all the tasty treats and necessary "fuels" we needed to knit knit knit away while the radio presenters, singers and dancers entertained us.
knit in fuel
I snuck up to the opera balcony and took some snaps - Here's our circle from the air! We had a great time sitting together and chatting as we knit away - such fast knitters I couldn't keep up!
knit in group
All in all a very worth-while day. Many thanks go out to Anglicare and all the supporters of he event who made it happen. And of course to all us KNITTERS!! I think the count got to over 200 blankies before I left - what an achievement for everyone! They will make such a huge difference to under-privileged and chilly people this winter - not just physical warmth, but warmth from the heart is knitted into those blankets too, and that makes all the difference :)


Ann said...

We really had great fun there & can't wait for it next year. Un fortunately, I will not be able to go to the Spotlight event this Saturday as my hubby is coming back from S'pore. Have a good time there.

Helen said...

It was great to have you join us this year and may there be many more like this one. Great pics too. Sorry I'm unable to join you tomorrow, but will send knitterly thoughts your way and hope it goes very well and you connect up with some local knitters. It is just so great that more and more knitting events are popping up here now.