Saturday, July 07, 2007

Add another addiction to the mix..

ravelry button
As if I didn't have ENOUGH addictions pulling at my time, stealing me away from the world and causing my fingers to nearly ACHE with the need to indulge in them!

Well.. now I have one more!

Yes folks, I have joined the Ravelry community with much glee and exuberance! I'm already running late for a new knitting group, still in fact sitting in my pajamas in front of the computer.. but I simply cannot pull myself away from the engaging, exciting and inspirational features of Ravelry!!

Having put that down in text though, it somehow seems easier to extricate myself and hop into the shower to get ready!


Helen said...

Congrats on getting accepted and I'm sure you will have a blast.

Leah said...

It's addictive isn't it! Being so organized has never been so fun!