Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Down to the wire!

ooohhh my goodness!

If ever there's a time to wear my Cast-On homage shirt it would be NOW. The reason?

I must KNIT.

The lovely Gryffindor toned shrug that I've been feverishly knitting up for the IMPENDING Harry Potter premiers for both moofie and book has been coming along well and I was confident that with a late night last night I'd be able to have the last increase rows and 6 rounds of ribbing done in time for the session Bink and I are booked for at 5:30 tonight (EEE!!!!)


Oh yes, there's a but.

I looked at the pattern as I was happily knitting away and though "Geez, that's strange, the don't mention binding off... I wonder if it's on one of these other pages..?" Seeing as I was using a photocopy of the pattern from my copy of the yummy scrummy book.. well.. Turn over the page and LO!!!


Another paragraph of increase rounds and another 6 rounds of ribbing!! ACK!!

So wish me swift stitches and flying fingers! I've gotta get it DONE!

1 comment:

2paw said...

Ahhh, how terrible!! I hope your fingers flew and you made it in time!! I'll bet He Who Must Not Be Named or whatever he is called foiled your carefully made plans. Him, or young him: Draco!!!!