Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well washed Spoilee

I am SUCH a lucky Secret Pal Spoilee =) The other day I was finally packing my Parcel#1 goodies away in my stash and so on, and spent a little while just holding and fondling the hand-knit wash cloths (in an admiring way, not a creepy way!) I thought on how special it was that somebody knit this item especially for me, and put their time into doing it meticulously and artfully.

secret washcloths

And I hesitated to put it in the bathroom. I looked down at it and held it a bit tighter, but then I set my mouth firmly and said in my head "No. I always preach to my knitted gift face/dish cloth recipients that they MUST use them! They were knit to be USED not to sit about ornamentally, however adored. And I will not be a hypocrite on this matter." And with that I walked resolutely to the bathroom and hung it on the rail.

secret washcloth

And I've used it, I promise ;) It's gotten wet and soapy, wrung out and everything!

Not only did lovely Karen be-gift me the squidgy washcloths, but part of parcel#1 also included some of the yummy organic cotton itself! 2 soft and textured balls, one a pale sage colour, the other in the same mottled green and brown of her gifts!

bernat cotton

I wasn't sure immediately of what I wanted to knit with the cotton - I had in mind some more gifty face/dish cloths ("fisht cloths") or some baby items for some up'n'coming new little people I wil be meeting in October (a close frined, and my cousin are both expecting then!) but wasn't set on anything.

Then I found on the very ball band itself, a pattern for the cutest little pair of baby booties!! You can see them in the picture above, on the Sage coloured ball band. So I cast on straight away and they've come along so quickly!! I'm already ready to seam up the first pair! I think a lot of these little munchkin booties will be coming off my needles in the following months !

bernat in french

The pattern even includes a French version along with the English! Oh! To be able to speak French again! I must get out my books and start learning again to bring it all back. Must learn to read knitting patterns in French!! =D


2paw said...

I agree totally: I often think something is too nice to 'use', then I take a deep breath and really enjoy it!!!

Ann said...

So far, I have only knitted 1 dishcloth & still have not use it -I think I better take it out & use it.