Tuesday, July 17, 2007

OH no.

Oh yes.

Within days of Knitty-Bitty Michelle posting about her lace SSK dilemma I TOO am experiencing this woe!!! I cannot believe it!? can you?! IT'S INSANE!!!

Alright, I'm calm enough to look at this rationally. I think (think) I've been doing my SSKs for the swallowtail shawl incorrectly all the way along. I think (think) I've been slipping the stitches purl-wise. Problem is (and the reason I've been emphasising the THINK part so much!) that it's been so long since I've knit on the shawl that I can't even remember how I've been knitting it!!!


So.. tell me, please, if you know - How different does an SSK slipped purlwise look from an SSK slipped knit wise?

I would be inclined to continue knitting my SSKs the same way, purl-wise, exactly how I advised Michelle that I would do in her predicament, but now I find myself failing terribly at my attempts to carry them off! It feels so clumsy trying to knit them! And seeing as I can't even remember which way I did them.. Well.. I do recall thinking it was odd that an SSK had you slip one stitch, then another, when they could just say slip 2 stitches etc.. So i must have been slipping them purl-wise, otherwise I would have seen that, knit-wise, one must slip them one by one for ease of manipulation.


Alright, I feel quite tired so won't think or act on it anymore at present. But please, if you have any helpful suggestions do let me know!!

p.s. I am brightened by looking at my shiny happy new shirt, purchased the other day on an absolute walk-by impulse.
rainbow brite shirt
I actually did a double take and had to race back to the store exclaiming "RAINBOW BRITE!! I don't BELIEVE it!!" She is such a hero and idol of mine - I've adored her since I was a littlie :) For the last few years I've been trying to figure out how to get my hands on Rainbow Brite clothes, shirts, lunchboxes, and other such goodies and had basically resigned myself to printing them myself or making iron on transfers, et VOILA! There she is! hehe :)


Michelle said...

hey sasha, go to my SSK post, and look for Ailsa's comment. she posted a link and it tells the difference of the SSK slipped knitwise and purlwise. hope that helps!!

Sandra said...

There is an improved SSK doing the rounds which I like - slip the first stitch knitwise and the second purlwise. No idea why it's improved but it works very nicely.