Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ravenclaw Represented!

My lovely friend Binkett is VERY deserving of hand knitted goodies :) Seeing as her knitted birthday gift was promised but not finalised or commenced (lovely cuddley Tess-Bug's doggie coat!) I decided I'd get stuck in and knit her up some surprise goodies instead, and have them ready in time for the Harry Potter movie and book premiers coming up because...
They're RAVENCLAW goodies!!
Binkett is undeniably Ravenclawish what with her extreme and daunting intelligence, level-headedness and irresistable hugs (are you blushing yet, bink?) - not that hugs are necessarily Ravenclawisms.. but she does give a mighty fine snuggle! hehe In any case, I decided I'd knit her up the beret from Charmed Knits and use Ravenclaw colours of Navy and Silver. So off I went knitting away frantically, determined to have it finished in time. And I did! It only took me two days or so of knittering away on the bus and train and... TA DA!! It was a disaster!! I don't know what went wrong but I tried it on and it simply didn't work! What was I to DO!? Panic stations!! I had just over a week to knit something else up for Bink AND finish my shrug! Eeeep!
I decided that a pair of Dashing Mitts would be perfect! Binkett needs somehting nice and snuggly to wrap around her fingies in the cold mornings for her commute to work, and I knew her last pair were all stretched out so it was just right! I left out the cables for the sake of speed and knit away in another Hogwartsy frenzy! If only I could bewitch my knitting needles like Hermione and have them knit one while I knit the other glove! But no, I was left to knit them both by hand. I toiled away, adding in the silver bands and tackling the fiddly thumb gusset and...

Mitts 1

Phew!! I finished them JUST in time to gift them to Bink when we all caught up for a meal and a moofie... well.. I ALMOST finished them in time.. I finished up the gusset on one glove, and sewed in the ends over our late night game of Trivial Pursuit!

Mitts 2 Trivial pursuit

Bink's chuffed with them and I'm so glad =) They were a fun and quick knit and feel so snuggly - now I wanta pair too! And the super nice ending to the story is, that when I brandished the sad and lonely beret exclaiming how disappointed I was that it simply wasn't human shaped at all, Binkett tried it on - and it FITS!! It looks just like a beret should! PHEW! =D So I have yet to sew in the ends on the beret and then binkett shall be sporting a DASHING set of matching Ravenclaw mitts and beret!

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bink said...

Aye Curamba, I realised on my way home that with all the hoohah in getting changed etc, I forgot to put me glovies on!! Had them tucked safely in my bag under the apricot delight, and there they stayed the whole night :(

They have been very snuggly and warm in the mornings during the commute, thanks awfully :):)

Oooh I wish I'd brought that apricot delight to work actually...