Thursday, July 26, 2007

Secret Pal 10 Finale!

Well my GOODNESS! What a delightful package I had awaiting my arrival home yesterday!!

sp10 parcel

As you are fully aware, my kick-arse Secret Pal Karen is COMPLETELY fabulous in every way and her packages have always utterly spoilt me and left me gabbling and ranting my thank-fulness and glee at all the goodies and treats! And suffice to say this finale reveal package was no different!!

SP10 Final package 2

Just look at all those lovely gifties!! I really CANNOT fully express how lucky I feel, how spoilt, appreciative and thankful :) But I guess I'll try.. hehe *wink*

See those colourful stripes at the bottom of the photo? Those are HAND KNIT MITTS!! How completely awesome is that?! They fit perfectly (like a glove, some would say) and are SO beautifully made - Karen you're brilliant :) They're just the thing for those cool evenings when the house is warm enough, but my fingers are feeling a little too cold to knit, much to my dismay! Well, I shall no longer be kept from my knitting by frosty fingers! =D

So many other treats; spritely fairy pencils (I'm using one at work right now!), fun-fun magnetic dogger bookmark clips, a mini jumper keyring - in aussie colours no less!, jotter pad, maple leaf Canadian travel tissues and an awesome Oriental rug bookmark! It's truly ruly woven out of threads and such, in the pattern of a 1600s Isreal rug! Yeah, Mum, I'm watching you there... I'm aware it would look lovely in a dolls house... *grin* hehehe

know knits puch 2

Karen again used her amazing powers of psychic knitterly connection and gave me a knowknits knitting pouch!! I'm so thrilled!! And what a COLOUR! I bet you're liking it Cindy! Vibrant Acid Crazy-Apple Green - Yum!! And what's that poking out of the bag, I hear you ask?

** KOIGU **


Oh. Goodness. Gracious. I must have gone all quiet after my first gasp of recognition after opening the skein-shaped parcel because Skoota looked up from near-by to see what was up! I have been longing for Koigu for SO very long, but never felt comfortable purchasing over the 'net as I wasn't sure on colourways. So I've always kept Koigu and Socks That Rock up on a pedestal - yarns that I will reward myself with when I reach personal goals or to celebrate special times. So I am absolutely thrilled to bits that my first encounter with the luscious koigu was at the hands of my delightful new friend Karen :) THANK YOU! I've taken a bazillion photos of the snuggle-worthy skeins and will surely post more as I continue to gaze upon their loveliness!

I have thought about what I'd like to knit from them - perhaps a clapotis? I have about 300m, 2 skeins, will I be able to fashion a slap from that do you think? I imagine the yarn would be so well shown-offin a pattern like that. A simple pattern so as not to detract from the colour variations.

And on that blissful note, I shall return to the normal world of reality, and leave my dreams of delicious knitting safely tucked away in my new knowknits bag, until next time :)

Another HUGE thank you to Karen for being such a fabulous Secret Pal, my first ever!, and spoiling me so very well with SUCH generosity!! I'm am absolutely delighted to count you amongst my knitterly mates! :) *big hug*


Knitty-Bitty said...

omg!! i'm so jealous!! look at all those yummy goodies!! and koigu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann said...

You lucky gal & such a wonderful secret pal!

nuttnbunny said...

Man! First the Cap'n Hat and now all this?!?!?. You are truly and gloriously spoiled.

Lolly said...

WOW! very generous and lovely! Enjoy!!

pinky-yin said...

Ahhhhhhhh koigu...!!! Lucky duck