Monday, July 30, 2007


(no spoilers)
Alright, I admit it.. It has again been a long time between finishing a much anticipated knitted delight, and posting about this said delight.. I'M SORRY! *throws self at feet of knitting gods* Please do not strike me down with your smoting sticks of smotey-ness for my seemingly disinterested attitude to my Finished Knits!

Here! Here is my offering to you!
My Gryffindor Two-Tone Shrug from Steph Japel's Fitted Knits!!
shrug complete!
Hehe, no picture as yet of me sporting the snuggly warm shrug itself, the mattress shot will have to do for now *grin* Skoot's decided, since seeing me in the lovely shrug, that it should be renamed from a 'shrug' to a *ahem* 'booby bragger'. He thinks it a little unfair or unnecessary that someone as endowed as myself should draw any further attention! haha but I say FIE! FIE to the bosom etiquette of our society!! *shakes fist in air*

I had knit the Two Tone Shrug in anticipation of the two exciting Harry Potter premiere's that are now one and dusted - the Order of the Phoenix movie and the most exciting debut of The Book, the FINAL book! (Which I enjoyed very much but shall not speak of in case any folks are still reading!)
book 7 brekkie
My lovely mate Bink and I went to both these events in full Hogwarts worthy attire (you can see our early EARLY morning drink above, this was before our breakfast spot was even open to serve us!), which required me to not only finish the shrug in time (does binding off in the line outside the cinema and then finishing off as the credits rolled count?!) but also whip up a little be-ribboned Gryffindor glory too.
HP skirt
It has a very castanettey spanish feel about it :) I likes it!

So more shrug photos to come, and I will make them more satisfying shots too :) I wasn't altogether over the moon with it when I first tried it on, a bit of a let down I must say, but now I'm much happier with it. At first I had thought it a little too large - bit too baggy at the arms, but on reflection if I had done the size smaller it would have probably been too tight.. so this is the lesser of two disappointments - and SO WARM! So I'm loving it :) Have even worn it to work once already... and might wear it tomorrow too actually...


nuttnbunny said...

"smoting sticks of smotey-ness" - HA! That just made my morning. :-)

Loverly shrug. I've made a couple and it seems I always like shrugs more in concept than application. At least for myself.

Michelle said...

oooh...nice...more pics!! more pics!!!

Ann said...

It's nice to see a finished project - looks great - must see it on you so wear it this Sat to City Nits.