Monday, August 06, 2007

Preparing my 101

So inspired was I by Meshell's post on the 101 things in 1001 days concept, that I decided it was just the incentive I was ready for, and perfectly suited to my multiple goals, love of lists and my propensity to procrastinate!

Basically, one thinks, ponders and soul-searches to come up with a personal list of 101 things one would like to achieve within the set 1001 days. The idea is to set yourself realistic, but slightly challenging goals - a list of items such as;
a) things you have always wanted to do but never had the extra oomph to try
b) things you keep putting on the backburner
c) special things you want to ensure you do without procrastination, and
d) slightly 'harder' and more challenger or unpleasant things you badly want to do too, but need a little incentive to complete *wink*

By setting a list such as this, you then have 1001 days - almost 3 years, in which to work towards, develop and complete these accomplishments. Rather than being restricted to one year only, such as in the case of New Year's Resolutions, the 1001 days give you more than one season in which to have a crack at your 101 things, which is important given that some issues are dealt with better in certain weather, or specific situations, and one year alone may not provide ample opportunity and simply be a straight road to disaster and disappointment!

So with much excitement and anticipation I have set myself on the 101 in 1001 path! Last week I purchased an A5 journal with crisp, white deliciously textured pages in which to chronicle my journey, along with a variety of coloured ink for my most journal-worthy, fancy pants fountain pen.
So I am all prepped and ready to go! A few nights ago, I sat in bed and started brainstorming ideas and items for my 101. It's going well so far :)

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missmeshell said...

Oh yay! Good luck with the list-making, I found it really fun. And I didn't think of buying new pens, oo-er, I needs some new ink! =P