Friday, August 03, 2007


Last week amidst my spinning frenzy with my fibre passion flowing over, I decided I would skein up the Sea Lavendar singles without delay!

First I needed a 'niddy-noddy' stand in, since I don't yet have an actual niddy-noddy (which, for the non-fibre-folk, is a stick structure around which one winds their yarn to then create a skein, however a chair-back or loved-one's outstretched hands work equally as well:) ). I decided that one of the not-yet-unpacked boxes of books would do very nicely, and measured around its girth to determine how long each wind around the box would be.
sea lavender helpful kahn wind
As you can see I had a very willing helper with my windings! It wasn't long before I had that whole bobbin wound off around my skeiner-box and ready to go.
Off it came, and of course had to be put down at once to be photographed! I am in LOVE with these colours - so rich, so deep! *drifts away dreamily absorbing the colours*
The skein wasn't allowed to rest for long though, it was quickly picked up again and hoisted on an appropriate hook to 'set the twist'. I've never done this before so hope I've done it satisfactorily!
sea lavendar stretch
The bathroom door provided the best hook, and my large bottle of vinegar (several of which are in the pantry awaiting my neck dye-adventure) provided sufficient weight.

The next day I was rewarded with this...
sea lavendar skeined
Around 75m of delish, textured handspun yarn that I ADORE. I'm SO thrilled and excited!


nuttnbunny said...

Thrilled and excited is right! Totally g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!!

Ann said...

Love the colors! What will you be knitting with it? Hope to meet up with you soon!