Thursday, August 02, 2007

Castings of Glory

What's this new contraption I see sitting in the hallway?
Why, it's my Worm Farm! Hurrah!! I've wanted a worm farm for a while now and earlier this week decided I would bite the bullet and go out and get it! This particular one, the Can-O-Worms, was cheaper than the larger rectangular kinds I'd seen before, and that was the clincher - affordability.
The yellow box on top is the travel-pack of starter worms - ooohh! Excitement!! They've had to wait over night to be set up, but I'm sure they don't mind, they've had loads of tasty grub in there to keep them chomping away on the hardware store shelf for the last little while! So now we have 1000 little pets! Whee!! Well, literally - wee! The wormie wee is fabulous liquid fertiliser, and their poo, or 'castings' as they are diplomatically referred to, make a brilliant rich soil - Bring on the vegie garden!!

hehe Also "Wheee!" and "casting" related is the new, rather secret, project I've just cast on. uuhhh.. i mean, starting to knit upon my needles.. oohh this could get messy! No pun intended!! *ahem* Learning a new method, I've done the long tail cast-on I believe, taught by a woman at work. But I'm not giving ANYTHING ELSE away! Nope! *shakes head* I cannot be convinced otherwise! It's a SECRET!

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