Monday, August 20, 2007

"Some kind of accomplishment I suppose"

True to the words of Elizabeth Bennett above, I have recently added a new accomplishment to my repertoire!



A skill I have often hoped to one day acquire, and this morning I took a stroll down to the deli to get some "air" (having a hard day at work, and feeling quite low and mopey too) and decided I would take my little knitting pouch and do a few rounds on the way!

I didn't get run over, or bump into any trees or pedestrians - and I didn't even fall down any big holes in the footpath!! I'd say that's a success! =D

Next up the KITTING WHILST READING level! ooooer!

Now, I must admit I've been spending a little too much of my time at the farm these days.. Now, Skoot and I are working our way towards our very own farm and acreage in the country, but in the meantime I've found an alternative... My Farm!

ma farme

It's a super fun game that I downloaded for free from the GiveAwayOfYheDay website! One starts with a meager and poorly stocked farm - only one chook and 100 pennies. By deciding what and when to purchase various feed and livestock, the intrepid farmer can build a mighty and prosperous farm with pigs, turkeys, ducks, cows and SHEEP! Oh yes my fibre friends, we are not forgotten! See my little friend up there? At that point I was trying to lure him to another area of the property with that oh-so-tasty carrot on a string! I had decided to name all of my sheepies (oh yes! One can decide what colour and the name of any livestock you adopt!) after types of yarn, but with a SHeepish twist - for example.. Sholinette & Shoigu. It's a very engaging and highly addictive game - all your little critters move about and make appropriate noises - you must feed them regularly or they get hungry and run away (I, of course, have NEVER had that happen - mine not only get fed, but regularly cuddled too) and accurate to reality - one must clean up after them too!

Lately my farm has bulged at the seams with all imaginable types of farm-yard folks and fabulous produce - so I've lost interest a little now that the challenge is over - and have luckily been able to return to my knitting!! I am, however, not so easily duped into believing a REAL farm could be so easily maintained *grin* I think in preparation for when Skoot and I actually do have our REAL farm, I'll need to find a way to knit whilst.. milking? Knit whilst.. shearing? And, unfortunately... knit whilst shovelling.


Ann said...

Congrats on your accomplishment - I have yet to try knitting while walking (I will have to convince my girls first that I am not embarassing them). Knitting & reading is easy as I have done that many times. Keep it up!

nuttnbunny said...

I envy your mad knitting multi-tasking skills.