Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Tale of The Disappearing Knitter

It's been a bit like that lately..

I've had a mega knit-mission on the needles and other life events on the go - such that my days panned out like this... Wake up, work, home, walk with the Chilli pup, talking with skoot, frantic knitting, bed. And over and over - and blogging just didn't fit into that schedule I'm afraid!

Suffice to say I have MUCH to fill in, and many photos to show, and even some exciting Finished Objects to display! Wheee!! =D

But not yet.

I know! I know!! But I simply wanted to poke my head in and say "I'm still knitting!! I'm still existing!!" before popping back out again until tomorrow probably!

I do want to mention one knitterly item though.. That is a particular cardigan I've seen in the latest Knit Simple -
Fall 2007 Knit Simple's lovely warm toasty looking number...
The Shawl Collared Cardigan

I'm really digging this knit for some reason!! I think it's the wide ribbed collar, extending down the tummy...
And those lovely up-turned cuffs that look so snug with their ribbing, and I can just imagine turning them down to cover my hands when it's particularly brisk outside!

Oh yes... I'm thinking this will have to be added to my knit-list! Different colours though - solids I think, rather than the multi-variegated. Skoot isn't such a fan of this cardy - he reckons my ample bosomage won't make friends with the neckline, so the jury's still out!!
One draw-back to the pattern, or at least to the display and set-out in the magazine - is that it's only photographed from one angle!
Normally this wouldn't be that much of a problem - but the schematic and write up suggest, nae, state that a "ribbed waistband detail" is on the back! And I want a photo dammnit!!

Nevermind - I will have to make do with my overly indulgent and active imagination *wink*

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